WTS EveQueue - Brain Farming/Skill Queue Tracking Spreadsheet (Google Sheet) - 2.5b

WTS EveQueue - Brain Farming/Skill Queue Tracking Spreadsheet (Google Sheet)

Price: 2.5b. Send isk and a mail to Absolute Truth in game. I will respond with a link to the google sheet. You make a copy of it.


  • Authing characters (tested with up to 200 characters, should work with up to 250), set an extraction threshhold and subscription type for each character.
  • Tracks characters SP, attributes, skill in training, skill queue end dates, SP/hr, pending extractions, profit per character
  • Pulls prices from the citadel of your choice, or allows for manual override (factors in brokers fees, sales tax, etc.)
  • Tracks all of your characters locations and spits out a dotlan region map link with pre-circled systems where your characters are located.
  • Tracks liquid isk per character/in total, profit per injector, assists with tracking subscription time (subscription time/type must be manually entered, there is no longer an API endpoint for same).
  • Also tracks trained skills for any individual character (selected from authed characters) and shows trained skills, SP in each category (i.e., spaceship command)
  • Allows the user to automatically add all skill queue end dates to a google calendar

How it Works: The sheet uses a combination of GESI and custom google apps scripts to pull the data from ESI. The vast majority of the analysis is done within custom google apps scripts, triggered by the buttons within the spreadsheet, and then output to the sheet. This provides stability and reliability. Each authed character adds approximately 1.5 seconds to the runtime of the scripts, so the more characters you have authed, the longer the scripts take to run (up to a maximum of 6 minutes).

Screenshots: (Partially redacted - see the black boxes w/ red outlines)

Note: The transaction is for this version of the sheet and this version only. I am not responsible if CCP updates, edits, or otherwise changes ESI such that the sheet no longer works at some point in the future. The sheet has been tested for months by myself and a handful of others and is confirmed to be working as of the time of this post. I will do my best to assist with any set up or issues you may have. No refunds, under any circumstances.

Version History:

Version 2.1: Release
Version 2.2: Updated 12/24/2018: Fixes a bug with regard to SP calculation. Version 2.1 was incorrectly calculating the SP from previously trained skills in your queue. Fixed in version 2.2.

You know I’ve looked around and I’ve seen a few skill tracker’s around, but nothing has come close to this fantastic sheet.

Truth’s done some Absolute great programming, literally learning how to code to make the sheet work for his mini-SP farm empire. In his own words, “Nothing was around that suited my needs so I just made my own.” The install was pretty simple, just made a copy of the master sheet, followed the instructions that are located at the front of the doc, and added in my characters. For some features you will need to go in and manually change the character, for example in settings for your main character so it can track your wallet balance and provide relevant data.

What’s great is it takes the guess work out of a lot of number crunching and trying to optimize your SP farms. It even has some other useful secondary tools like character bazar price tool, skill injector price / needed for an SP level tool, etc etc. What I found most useful pretty much what the title says, the brain farming tracker. Just specify the SP level for which you can make an extraction, and it does the rest. What’s super handy is he’s programmed in to display the exact date and time that you’ll hit another 500,000 SP to extract, so as long as you do your math right and set the target SP right, you can potentially pause, retrain or whatever on your characters to get all of the extractions synced up. Another nice feature is to have the program add in the end of the skill queue to Google Cal, allowing you to specify maybe a few skills or a plan and have it in another location to remind you.

Back onto the topic of auxiliary tools, there’s a few other nice ones like the character tracker (great for having cyno chains), accountview where you can jot down when you need to plex or MCT your characters again (Manually, ESI does not expose the unsub time data), the misc utilites like the pricer, injector calc, and accelerator calc, and a really nice one tucked away that allows you to fully remove an added character from the sheet if needed.

I’m not a masochist, so I don’t run 10+ accounts for SP farm but I still find this super useful for what little I do run. If you’re big into the brain farming game then I highly endorse this product.

Fit a Cyno Guy approved :+1:

I’ve been using earlier versions of this sheet for months now, testing features, and providing feedback to help Truth improve and refine it, and I have to say, this is one of the most polished spreadsheets I’ve ever seen. I’m pretty lazy, so there’s no way I would have bothered with the whole SP Farm thing if not for this tool making it extremely straightforward to track and keep on top of all the queues and profit margin analysis.

Even if you don’t actively extract SP for profit, you may still find it useful for keeping track of monthly costs when plexing large numbers of accounts or training up alpha characters. EVEMon has historically been my go to for things like that, but it gets extremely cumbersome to use once you start tracking more than a handful of actively training characters (and ever since all account related data was removed from the API). Truth’s EveQueue spreadsheet scales up perfectly and makes it super easy to see the status of everything at a glance.

This is absolutely an indispensable tool for me, and there really isn’t anything else like it out there. EveQueue has my full endorsement :+1:

I also had the privilege of using previous versions of this sheet in order to help refine it. This tool makes SP farming so much easier to track and manage. The newest addition added things such as your required Isk to start your farm per 30 days, even breaking it down into PLEX and MPTC. Many of the previous comments have gone into the excellent features and programming of the sheet so I won’t repeat that but I’d like to sum it all up in one sentence:

There is not another sheet in existence that does what this sheet does.

If you want an SP farm sheet that makes your life so much easier and decreases the time needed to manage your farm drastically, look no further than Absolute Truth’s EvEQueue

:thinking: lets use my alts to promote my original post

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Not alts. Just corpmates who helped me test it out and are a fan of the product.

Daily bump! Its a great spreadsheet.

Extremely good, thanks for the link

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This is going to make things so much easier … thanks again

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Bump. Lots of happy customers.

5B Seems a pretty steep price when you are offering no future support.
Basically I could pay 5B today, spend a week setting it all up and then if CCP adjusts the endpoints the sheet is broken and I have wasted 5B.

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I understand the concern. As a preliminary note, the sheet shouldn’t take a week to set up. The initial set up for me, with approximately 110 characters, took just a few hours (and only has to be completed once). The sheet should work even if CCP updates the ESI endpoint, or if GESI is updated, but I can’t guarantee with 100% certainty that it will. I can tell you, however, that I have an old version of this sheet (created 1 year ago using old endpoint versions) that still works just great. However, because I can’t guarantee that this will be the case in the future, I don’t make the guarantee. The price seems steep but I believe it reflects the amount of development time that went into the sheet, as well as the benefit the sheet provides to the user. It pays for itself in the time you’ll save managing your skill queues. I’ve been told by numerous people that this is the best EVE spreadsheet they’ve ever seen. That being said, I just cut the price by 50% for the holidays, and to address the concerns you raised.

Daily bump. Price lowered yesterday.

lol 5 bil to alliance and 2.5 bil to eve forums?! What crazy world is this?

I lowered the price after my last alliance post. Its now 2.5b for all.

Editing the XML endpoint url is extremely simple, if you don’t know how spreadsheets work and buy this because you don’t wish to learn how to actually make it work then it’s probably not for you (if you’re a poor anyways). If you buy this because you are extremely lazy and don’t feel like doing it yourself then it’s perfect

There is no more XML endpoint and no more API keys. Its all ESI which has a much more complicated authentication flow. Its not that simple to work with for the average user.

Bump. Sheet is still available. Upgraded to version 2.2 which fixes a bug with regard to SP calculation.

Bump. I’ve sold a lot of copies and no one has been disappointed yet!

Well, there is a pretty much identical Spreadsheet for free available since long time, Sheetmon 4.0 but good luck selling a copy for 2.5 or more Billions ISK…lol

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