EveQueue - Brain Farming/Skill Queue Tracking Spreadsheet (Google Sheet)(3.1)

EveQueue - Brain Farming/Skill Queue Tracking Spreadsheet (Google Sheet)


You make a copy of the sheet and then follow the instructions.


  • Authing characters (tested with up to 200 characters, should work with up to 250), set an extraction threshhold and subscription type for each character.
  • Tracks characters SP, attributes, skill in training, skill queue end dates, SP/hr, pending extractions, profit per character
  • Pulls prices from the citadel of your choice, or allows for manual override (factors in brokers fees, sales tax, etc.)
  • Tracks all of your characters locations and spits out a dotlan region map link with pre-circled systems where your characters are located.
  • Tracks liquid isk per character/in total, profit per injector, assists with tracking subscription time (subscription time/type must be manually entered, there is no longer an API endpoint for same).
  • Also tracks trained skills for any individual character (selected from authed characters) and shows trained skills, SP in each category (i.e., spaceship command)
  • Allows the user to automatically add all skill queue end dates to a google calendar

How it Works: The sheet uses a combination of GESI and custom google apps scripts to pull the data from ESI. The vast majority of the analysis is done within custom google apps scripts, triggered by the buttons within the spreadsheet, and then output to the sheet. This provides stability and reliability. Each authed character adds approximately 1.5 seconds to the runtime of the scripts, so the more characters you have authed, the longer the scripts take to run (up to a maximum of 6 minutes).

Screenshots: (Partially redacted - see the black boxes w/ red outlines)


Note: I am not responsible if CCP updates, edits, or otherwise changes ESI such that the sheet no longer works at some point in the future. The sheet has been tested for months by myself and a handful of others and is confirmed to be working as of the time of this post. I will do my best to assist with any set up or issues you may have.

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Version History:

Version 2.1: Release
Version 2.2: Updated 12/24/2018: Fixes a bug with regard to SP calculation. Version 2.1 was incorrectly calculating the SP from previously trained skills in your queue. Fixed in version 2.2.
Version 3.1: Updated 5/28/2020: Fixes the auth process.


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