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I need EVEMON. Badly. If you are like me and have quite a few characters to train and need to be aware of when the skillqueue ends for each, you know what i mean.

I was not aware of the API changes coming, so the demise of EVEMON took me by surprise. Therefor i have sacrificed a couple days and implemented a piece of software that does what i need, at least for now - it monitors the skillqueue and wallet for a number of characters.

It is done in c++ using visual studio 2008 and it was tested on a windows 7 computer. I am planning to add the character skill list window next.

If anyone else can be helped by this, it is free to download and use. Please take note that i do not offer any guarantee nor i can promise that it will ever become as good as EVEMON was. If there is interest or i need new features, i will continue to work on it and add things like skill planning in my free time. For now, any beta testing is welcome :slight_smile:

screenshot here http://evecharmon.com/screenshot.jpg
download link is www.evecharmon.com/EveCharm_1_0_beta.zip . Must be unarchived in a separate folder where it should be given rights to create and read files. It must also have access to internet ( port 80 for http ) to query character status.

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I’ve not been online for a little bit, where did you read about the demise of evemon


Just as a heads up, you do know the evemon source code is open source and hosted on github so you could just make that work with ESI like one guy is already doing, although the fact that its taken 18 months for someone to notice this needed to happen is amazing

Nice, keep it up.

EVEMon is a very old codebase using deprecated API and needs a complete overhaul to be modernized. It’s good to have competition.

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Yeah i know. But its not working yet. And i need it fast, and it would have taken me a lot more time to get used with that source code than to implement this tool myself.

It is not meant to be competition. It is meant to work as a bandaid until an updated evemon or another worthy application appears.

Wow, thanks man. Surely saves me a lot of time. Definitely not Evemon, but on the right track.

I like the new character register feature, it is easier than the copy/paste i had to do for evemon. On the bad side, i cannot figure out how to delete a character from the list, but i suppose this is because the “beta” status ?

Keep up the good work !

You can just smell the data gathering and spying from all over here.

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Well the keys that i have approved were nothing above what it would appear in an eveboard page - skill list, queue and wallet. I can cancel those anytime anyway from the eve account page. However, this problem was the same with the old evemon - imagine how much information the authors have gathered from there. If you are into spying characters skill list, you can very well parse the eveboard pages :slight_smile:

try this


Ouch, just when i was rejoicing that i will be stealing and spying Cygnus Parud’s characters :slight_smile:

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