EVEMon Latest Update Bug(?)

After updating EVEMon on several different PCs the program now displays ALL Characters are at start up wether their associated API Key is monitored or not. This was not the case before the update. Has anyone else noticed this? If so are there any plans to correct this? It is more aggravating than anything else.

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Well, according to https://evemondevteam.github.io/evemon/

The latest stable version is: 3.0.4 which is what I have installed.

However there does seem to be a problem, it shows Tranquility Server Unknown (0 Pilots)

No issues here. Shows only the characters I want and Tranq at 22k.

Edit: 22k… well, that is an issue but not an EveMon-related one.


Well, I don’t know why it’s showing Tranquility Server Unknown (0 Pilots).

Everything else is showing correctly, skill being trained, completion date, skill queue, account status, etc.

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All 3 POCs are using 3.0.4 and all 3 have the same issue. I can’t think of any reason that this could happen. Any suggestions?

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I guess EVEMON is dead
Last entries I see on their webpage and twitter are dated 2016

EVEMon is dying, yes, because the developer that took over the work from the original developer encountered obstacles in the code that are hard to impossible to overcome.

It remains to be seen if someone will work on a replacement. A replacement that is not a useless website or mobile app.


Well, that is very sad news indeed.


I’m still using an older version and it works fine.
Maybe the recent update broke something.

The old API that EVEMon uses will be shut down May 8 - 4 1/2 weeks. While I don’t spend much time worrying about my skill queues anymore, I use it to monitor PI, RP, contracts & mail and will miss it.

All 3rd party apps are volunteer labors of love and we need to accept that the developers may move on. Chruker, EFT, EVEMon and probably others that fail to make the transition to ESI will be gone next month. RIP.

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There’s an old saying that the rats are the first to leave the sinking ship.


Just to be clear, I’m not saying those 3rd party apps are the rats and that Eve Online is the sinking ship.


Anyway …

I’ve found today that the new API keys that EVE generates are not recognized by Evemon, and with the announced XML API shutdown it will get shafted anyway…

Two questions here:
a) is the 5/8 XML API shutdown still the date?
b) what do people use instead of Evemon?


looks like it has gone, need a replacement for the once great mod.

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Aye…RIP Evemon. Got my API failures today. Back to marking my calendar with skill training queue reminders.

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necessity is the mother of invention, you can bet your ass there is already a replacement being used by larger alliances or one being worked on. :wink:

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I too will miss EvEMon.

At least with extended skill queues I can work around that by making sure that I have plenty of skills loaded & checking all of these on a set day of each month (I chose the first of the month).

Mail & other notification reminders are a problem - if anyone knows of a workaround I’d love to hear of it.

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Yep, the CCP came through on schedule, and the Evemon is no more.

Good job CCP, as usual…

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Soo sad, and another one bites the dust.

There are people working on a forked version:



Forked version is awesome, was able to successfully get it working, but has to register an app for myself…then try to auth and parse out what the callback url should be.