New EveMon Annoyance

Sorry, I couldn’t find the forum that talks about 3rd party programs so I’ll post this here, or if a forum moderator wants to move it there, feel free.

Ive used EveMon for years and am very grateful to the author for making it, and even more for updating it. I have not changed any settings and have only updated it. I did recently add 2 more accounts to it, so that might be it. But since then, I am getting notifications every 5-10 minutes that says “Error querying the EVE server status” PLEASE NOTE: My characters are STILL UPDATING. I’m just getting these annoying notifications. I’ve gone into notifications settings and turned off everything related to server info, yet I still get them. Anyone else getting this? Can anyone suggest a solution, other than closing the app unless needed? I like to just minimize it but I guess I could live with just running it when needed.

Dray Cil

EDIT: Ok, I didn’t see in settings instead of the Notifications area, there’s the Update area. Changed it to 1 hour and if it still happens I’ll turn it off entirely. That should fix the problem. I would like to see the current population though.


I don’t remember the exact error, but I know that it will sometimes stop updating my characters. The only way I’ve found to fix it is to remove the characters and re-add them.

Anyway, you can try posting the issue on the Evemon Github.

No P2W

Thanks, but EveMon is still updating my characters.

It just decides to tell me it can’t connect to the server all the time, even though it does…

But thanks for the link.


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