Evemon anyone else getting errors?

Hello everyone,

Upon my return to the game after an extended break, I’d downloaded the current version of evemon from the github page. Think the version was released in december. I had been using it fine as it updated my wallet balances character sheets etc.

Sunday, I transferred a character from one account to another of mine that I had been tracking. I removed the character then added the character back into the correct account once the transfer was complete. I also had updated a password on one account during this time.

However this week I started having errors after the transfer. I get the following error: “Error logging in to EVE SSO. If you changed your password you need to login again through the add character.”

I first cleared the cache with no fix. I then selected reset settings and cleared cache. Then I reloaded all my characters one at a time. I still get the error. Its also not updating my wallet balances on characters not in training. it appears the skills in training are updating properly.

Does anyone have any suggestions tips or ideas? Is evemon still the best out of game skill planner/character manager out there or is there something else? I didnt clear my computers cookies/cache beyond the evemon clear cache option. Would uninstalling evemon, reinstalling it and then reloading the characters help?