QSNA EVE Character Display Board

A part of a bigger project for my corp, but skills / standings / ships / implants tracker part will remain public.

All the parts are build by scrapping API and then ESI connection deals with the rest. This board is also accepted as Official Skillboard for character trading

To create a character: Quantum Anomaly
To see characters: Quantum Anomaly

Features available:

  • Track standings + filtering [required]
  • Track trained skills + filtering [required]
    • Basic skill queue tracking (next 3 skills)
  • Track ships that you can fly / not fly + filtering [required]
  • Track ship masteries [required]
    • Option to open mastery requirements missing in skill cost preview view
      • Displays how long it would take to train with perfect remap, this means best case scenario which might or might not be realistic in game, but it gives a ballpark of minimum time needed to reach the mastery. Later I might add specific remap options.
  • Track all jump clones and implants [optional]

Public features still coming:

  • Skill queue detailed view

Major updates:

  • 07.01.2024 - Added option to delete characters. It will make me sad, but if you want to make me sad, you can delete your character now and make me sad…
  • 05.01.2024 -Added clone values to header, reworked UI, added injected skill values
  • 05.12.2023 - Added clone estimated ISK value
  • 04.12.2023 - Rewrote ESI scapper to be better and to minimize the chance of missing data
  • 24.11.2023 - Added ship masteries with link to load the missing skills in skills cost table
  • 23.11.2023 - Added basic skill queue preview in headers
  • 21.11.2023 - Created dashboard with options to load skill plans and get training time
  • 20.11.2023 - Added clones
  • 20.11.2023 - Update on ESI login to be able to change scopes with subsequent login
  • 19.11.2023 - Added skills tracking and ships list (can / can’t fly)
  • 16.11.2023 - ESI login added and basic skill board with standings

Updated to support ships

I like the ability to search for skills on a character page. It would be nice to search through all characters for a particular skill. For example, I looking for a character to buy with “Black Market Trading” which is rare and I have to go to each character and search for it. Actually not sure if your tool supports those rare skills at all.

I could look into adding global search per skills on all toons, but there are few considerations here:

  • first I need to see once there are a bit more toons on how long it takes to query that
  • second, which is problematic for your case, black market trading is marked as unpublished skill, so it is not tracked, I do not even know how these skills would appear since I have no characters to test this out
    • most likely, even if there are now toons with some skills trained that are not published, they would not appear, since the skill page is rendering all published skills as level 0, then matching certain character skills to display actual level.
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Added ship masteries

Updated some design to be better

Thanks for sharing this on the discord. How often are standings updated for characters registered to the boards? Or is it triggered by something?

Is it possible to password character sheets there?

Does the functionality exist to delete characters when you no longer want them there?


Updates are once every 65 minutes (the next update is listed on top right of each board)

If I pass 500-1000 toons, plan is to have premium users which get updated once per hours and rest will have button to press

Password would be possible feature if enough people request it, right now it’s a bit hard for me to judge the requirement for it and I want to eliminate having to deal with forgotten passwords :smiley: (I guess you could reregister toon to remove it, but yea…)

At the moment any deletion would have to be requested via ingame mail since I would need to delete it in database manually. But on the topic of deleting I am debating between 2-3 options from which I plan to add one before Christmas (in the order that I currently see their chances):

  1. Go to management and select delete button rather than register and then login again via SSO to remove your toon
  2. If a toon fails N updates, delete it automatically (this happens when you remove the access from your account on the EVE side)
  3. Ask people to create QSNA login before adding toons

Ideally I would go for 2, but I would need to see what would be appropriate number, since the whole page is automated (including skills / ships / fitting screens) I do not want to run into risk where for example I say 10 updates and delete and then ESI goes offline for like 24 hours and I drop all the users, so most likely option number 1 will be implemented :smiley:

Also in regards to premium users, what is free and available now will 99% remain free after I introduce premium users. Premium users will most likely gain access to saving some information on the server, like fits / assets / marked orders / tracked items / etc… (some of these features are still in development)

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Thanks, sounds solid. Just canvassing options since Tools4Eve bit the dust.

I hope you have better luck with the partner program if you go for it. Thank you for your answers.

Added 2 new ships, few issues ironed out

The whole process is fully automated, but it failed due to 2 new ships not being part of latest SDE. This impacted the board to be in somewhat broken state, also few requests to ESI failed to resolve properly and it was missing few skills / ships…

Anyways, that is now all fixed:

  • missing SDE data is ignored until it becomes available, even tho in this case I just copy pasted SDE masteries from Utu and Adrestia to new ships until we get proper SDE done
  • rewrote the whole ESI scrapper to be better and to keep the old data instead of dropping it and each and every entry is now being checked on it’s own and it’s free to fail (what happen before is that it was running in batches of 500, and if any entry was missing, it would skip the whole batch leading to issues)

Also, thx to Swift and ISD, this is now officially accepted character bazaar alternative

Updated to include clone estimated values!

Update coming in next few hours to show value of injected skills and to improve UI slightly


I checked it out and it is indeed a welcome addition. :+1:

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It’s just a tad unstable at the moment, changing some underlaying data structures and stuff breaks :smiley:

Should be fine in few hours…

Thanks for the board it is helpful for us in USIA

Now supports deleting characters!

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