ESI Backed skillboard!


Current Features:

Public Character Info
Ships they can/cannot fly
How long to fly each ship
Password Protect
Jump clones
Employment History
Yearly/Bonus Remaps
Delete Character (revokes refresh tokens as well!)


Brock Khans


I’ve added all useful public character information, attributes, current implants. I’ve also added a Standings tab above the picture.

If the characters board was created before this post:
For all these features to work, the owner of the character (even if pilot board is already created) needs to re-login through the auth link and accept the perms. Then potentially have to wait out the ~3hr cache I do.

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Nice site! Returning after a long break, I was hoping to find an alternative to Eveboard (RIP).

Are there plans to show ‘pilot-able’ ships based on skills? I think this was on EB but it’s been so long ago I can’t remember.

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Eveboard is actually back up atm. However last I heard Chribba was unsure if he would have time to move to ESI, so time will tell.

Regardless I’ll be keeping mine around with still a lot of improvements to make.

The ‘ships I can fly’ thing I still need to do research on, just by a quick browse of the ESI endpoints it doesn’t appear that information is included in just one endpoint. I’m guessing i’m going to have to look up each ship, what skills it takes to train and then compare that to the characters known skills…which sounds just like a ball of fun to do :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ahh, so it is! I had tried a couple times and kept getting errors so I thought is was gone. :slight_smile: Anyway, yeah the ‘flyable ships’ thing was just fun to look at but definitely not a ‘make or break’ feature.

Good luck with your development!

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And as i say you, a simple csv export an be usefuil for registered people.


I send you 50m as one time fee, and can enterm login ad download a csv or pipe delimited of “numberskill,rank,skillpoints,

With that is no difficult to build / match /revive older applications for the people with no time to learn ESI.

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THere are still a handful of core functional changes I want to make before doing off hand feature requests.

I’ll have to think about that though. Technically that isn’t public data, as I have to get them to login to their account to auth my website to pull their skills.

Being able to export it, now somewhat negates the security around making them auth .

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yes and no.

Many people can pay you for that and the export will be only for the people who signed.

Examples: You can have a button as you have create /delete /export. I pay you 50m for export MINE skills, not of the others.

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Yes thats a good point, I could put it on the /manage/ page after the SSO bounceback

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please do so =)

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@JokoZetla pushed a color update, whatcha thing?

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The ability to password protect your skillboard has been added! When you get the bounce back from the SSO sign in, you will have the option to add a password (or proceed without one).

If you wish to clear your password, simply reauth, and hit create with the password field blank.

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gonna check this out bro.


The Ships tab has been added on the character sheet. This will show what ships the character can/cannot fly. If you click on a ship that the character cannot fly (white screen), it will show you All the missing skills.

I’ll work on the filtering next so you can filter on the page

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Added filtering, a scroll to the top button, and fixed some styles!

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Corp history added!

Also added all the requests to async, to speed things up a hair

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Made it back for some updates.

These are all backend updates that greatly improve the performance while browsing. Previously I cache’d the character object for 3 hours, and then the next request to a specific sheet would then trigger a fresh API pull which meant that lucky person got to wait.

Now I cache the data forever and have a job in the background that runs every 3 hours that updates every character and updates the cache, now everyone gets a fast page load!

And of course, if you delete your character it will still delete the cache/revoke tokens/DB entries.



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New updates!

Now on the Ships page when clicking a ship the character Cannot fly, you can see the total time it will take to train for that ship based off their current attributes (includes implants)


Was driving me nuts that the skill names weren’t sorted alphabetically for each group…so now they are!