Eveboard after API retirement

So I just noticed that Eveboard.com no longer functions, you get pushed to Eveboard.com/global instead.


Are there any plans to switch the full version to ESI or not?

Eveboard has been an incredibly useful tool for herding/helping newbies with skill plans for many years.


I believe there are already functional alternatives that use ESI, i imagine after this many years chribba is probably taking more of a backseat approach to EVE :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have taken the decision to only port eb:global to the ESI, as I have little time to rewrite all the code that needs to be updated. Plus I am years behind all cool frameworks so really trying to support ESI in ASP classic is probably the best way to spend time.

I ported global over to ESI since it requires minimal effort, as that information does not require authentication, tokens or scopes.

So I’m afraid that this is the end of eveboard for your skills and in-depth information, and will continue on as a general statistics of pilots.


Thanks for the reply.

Thanks for the many years of service you have given to this community.



All the thanks goes to you guys that have used it, without you, it would have no purpose :bowing_man:



While I’m sad to see it go, I feel thankful that EVE has had someone like you to freely give up your time for this game for so many years.

Cheers, Chribba. 07

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:



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Yeah, ditto for me as well.

Also bummer, can no longer show off all the trained skills, was rather nice to see almost every skill group maxed out.

Guess when Chribba starts shutting down his sites, ‘Best beware, the end is nigh’.

There are multiple other sites that allow you to do this so you’re still able to show off :stuck_out_tongue:

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Such as?

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The Character Bazaar people are using eveskillboard. But I’m not really impressed with it so far.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Chribba is a rare gem in the Eve Universe. Don’t expect a suitable replacement anytime soon.

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Maybe CCP will hire him or someone with similar talents to the community team.

ba dum tsh


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I haven’t played EVE for a long time now, BUT, I have been playing Eve Board regularly. Dumb, I know, but hey, it’s my life and my choice. It is very possible that this will be the catalyst for me to unsub my accounts.

Thanks much Chribba for all the time and efforts you have put in! It really has been a small, but consistant part of my entertainment for, well, years now.

A big o7 to you sir.

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You’re not alone. I havn’t been playing for quite a while too. My character is still running though, had quite a bit of ISK lying around so bought a lot of PLEX. Checked my Eveboard page frequently. The yellow glow of all the maxed skills made me happy.

Thank you Chribba! o7

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My poor ego… Can`t enjoy the place 1 in onlinetime any longer…
I need a bottle of single malt whisky (or barrel)…


Nooooooooooooo :crying_cat_face:
EVE is dying…

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