For sellers - Option for Eevboard?

Anyone know an option for Eveboard ?

Hi, i do myself a powerful interface for check the stats of the characterm via Eve Api and mand ecomparisons myself, anyone know a replacemente for Eveboard ?

If not exist I have solutions for reputations nad skills based in the XML API, and can put in one day a page about capable ships with the same frame date, i think we need too the clones and history but the history can be checked in

i can show security and number of respecs too

Example of one of my toons i made public for a posible Buyer :

Chribba is actively working on getting eveboard back up

thanks, i hope he update to ESI too.

Seems he won’t :frowning:

I don’t know. I have very little spare time so I have not been able to set myself into how much work it would involve to do that unfortunately. So right now it might actually look like it will stop working on May 8th.
I’m hoping to be able to set some time aside in February to estimate what I need to do :frowning:

Yeah, i ask him =(

Use API JackKnife

Some alternative tools, might not be 100% accurate but still

I created last night as well. Still a WIP Example Sheet

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Its a very Nice work !

Any chance to do an export to JSON / XML / CSV ? I know do open source sounds too much, what Language u use ?

As far i see you main problem will be the bandwidth =P

Once I get more core work done, I can explore exporting. I’ve built it in PHP using Laravel. WIll have to resize the VM quite quickly I suppose

Sounds good. Is a very good job with a non intuitve ESI interface. I am programmer in real life, use PHP too, and i am fearing too much hours to do this. Thumbs up to you.

I suggest you create a new thread and we can ask for a Pin later to isd.

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