Eveboard replacement?

I’ve recently re-joined the game and a lot have changed. I can see that eveboard is now only listing basic information about characters and not the full character sheet. So, I’ve jumped to the character marketplace and saw that a new tool is used - EveSkillboard. However, EveSkillboard is asking for the read_structures permission, which can be sensitive intel.

Since ESI is easy to use and I can see a lot more tools available now compared to when I was last active, are there any other trustworthy tools similar to the old eveboard available?

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Since nobody else responded so far, I’ll be the one brave enough to admit that I do not know the answer to your question. I know, me telling you was not necessarily of significant importance, none the less did this thread accumulate five hours of emptiness, which I did not want to pass by without commenting. Some might conclude that this is simply an interesting twist on “First!”, but I can assure you that that’s not the case. In fact, if I had an answer to your question, I’d even be the first to tell you!

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So, in the words of Neo from The Matrix: Either no one told me, or no one knows :rofl: Ok… I guess, EveSkillboard is the only option then :slight_smile: Thanks.

Bring back API :wink:


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