Is There a New Skill Board that Works?

The main page opens: but when I go to my character I get:


Is this the best site to replace ?



Extractors & cost:

To share capsuleer’s skills only:

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Have your read, “The zCharboard application is requesting that you authorize it to use the following permission scopes with your selected character.” ???

It wants permission for EVERYTHING. Literally evrything. I don’t know the site owner…do you?

check out

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A little off-topic, but related to character sales. Is there a site that makes it easy to calculate the value of extracting skillpoints? I can search the buy and sale orders and do the math but a “tool” that updates automatically would be nice. Thanks!

Eveskill used to, not sure of any other tools

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Removed an off topic post and related posts.


evemon isn’t really a skillboard not like EVEskill or the one i linked, which allows others to see all the skills etc… which i think its been talked about lately that evemon isn’t even working right.

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Updated post:

I think you missed my point. You have to AUTHORIZE that RUSSIAN web site to have access to all of this information. I’m not talking about what you make “public”. How do we know that they won’t use our information to gather intel? Read down that list and open each one. It gives them access to EVERYTHING!!!

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