New Official Skillboard []

Firstly, I would like to thank tools4eve and Madsam Beacon for the service they have provided for the past 2 years. It was a great tool and we are very thankful for your development time on it.

Squizz, from zKillboard, has created a new tool that will be the official tool recommended for this board. That new tool is an example of how the interface looks is here

Tools4eve will still be allowed until the domain goes offline, however we do urge people to swap to sooner rather than later.

Thank you very much Squizz!

We would like to also add/recommend QSNA Skillboard by @Sentenced_1989

As always see the rules of the Bazaar which now refer to this new skillboard for verification requirements.


@ISD_Golem It seems that the pin fell off. Had to dig to find this post.

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Would CCP be interested in having alternatives available as well in additional to skillq, namely QSNA EVE Board?

Thx @ISD_Golem for adding it as official alternative.
On the link you can see the changelog and features


I’ve sent your post up for them to look at

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Added both SkillQ and QSNA to the Rules posting for recommended Skill Boards

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ive a question, is possible that buyer pay transfer fee?

No. When a transfer is made via
It leads to the seller paying for it.

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thanks for answer

I am a buyer. After negotiating the price with the seller, do I want to send the ISK to the characters for sale in the game? Simultaneously send an email to the role indicating that you are waiting to receive the role’s account?

There is a post called bazaar rules which lays out what you should do, it is linked in the OP

But to answer you, yes you send isk to the character being bought and an evemail to that same character of the account name you want the character transferred to.

In the off chance someone tries to scam you, which CCP will not tolerate, sending isk to another character not for sale will make it hard for ccp to get your isk back.

I’ve accepted a bid and the buyer hasn’t returned or responded to eve-mail. We’re coming up to 2 days. Can I take the initiative and move on?

Yes, as a seller you have full discretion on who to sell to and when

Thanks for clarifying

hi! could you please explain why i can’t login ti and add my char? is this server normal functioning?

At the very top is the link to log in. But it seems to not be working right. If you are wanting to sell a character, use as well to sell a character

Hi, folks! Do you know what the reason why Skillq service not working?

Ccp is changing something with the ESI.

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