QSNA EVE Boards for displaying characters on sale

Want your character to stand out a bit better and have a nicer UI where people can better see what you are offering?

QSNA EVE Boards are now open to public.

It’s recommended to use “FOR SALE” preset when adding character to include all standings, skills and implants and to set them as public visibility.

In accordance to the rules the skills are pulled from ESI, with top right corner showing timestamp of last update.

Example gallery: Imgur Album [outdated, but still representative]
Example character: Example Character Board [live existing preview]

Benefits to sellers / buyers:

  • All standings are listed, so you can easily check any faction / corp / agent you might be interested in
  • All skills from game present and there is filter so that buyers can look up certain skills more easily
  • All ships from game are present, along with search filter for specific ships / groups. Additionally the board shows related skills
  • All ships have mastery levels now displayed, so you can display / see if the character is barely able to sit in the ship or he can actually use it. You can also create training plan for each mastery and see how long it would take to train. (for now without taking into account remaps, so gives best case scenario)
  • All implants are included automatically for displaying, so you do not need to list your implants separately on the forums
    • Future update will most likely bring estimated pricing per jump clone (If implants / clones scopes are selected and public, which they should be if you use “FOR SALE” preset)


  • How do I add character?
    – Just simply press add character, set “FOR SALE” preset and login via EVE

  • I decided I don’t want to sell my toon, how can I hide sensitive information?
    – Just redo the process, but instead of “FOR SALE” preset, select something more restrictive and set to private what you don’t want show (NOTE: skills and standings are always public)

  • Can I delete character?
    – At the moment, there is no way to delete the character. You can remove the scopes from EVE applications in which case the updates will stop. I am working on delete feature, which will either be automatic after user revokes application or manual delete button, but this is most likely not coming in next 2-3 weeks

If any happy buyers or sellers want to donate to this project, [QSNA] Quantum Anomaly Corporation is accepting donations.


Also open for feedback :slight_smile:

I like it. Lots of good improvements. I especially like the inclusion (or fore thought to include) additional scopes. I also really like the fact you include missing skills.


  1. Could you separate out missing skills, I really like the fact they are included. But maybe group them all into a by default collapsed grouping of all missing skills per skill group?
  2. I dont know if this is possible and probably beyond the scope of this. But one thing is to have a field for a different character that is like an “Owned by” or “Main contact character”. Inline with that of thought maybe a field as well to link the sales thread?
  3. I didnt see it at first glance, but is there a way to delete your character once it has been added? You added a FAQ and answered this
  4. Am I blind, I don’t see birth date anywhere.

I’ll play around with it some more with some alts.

Thx for the feedback, regarding all of it

  1. I am not sure I follow this one, right now you have the option to see:
    • all the skills
    • all the skills without the maxed ones
    • all the skills but filter out non injected ones
    • all the skills that are in training (not maxed, but injected)

I am not sure what the proposal here is because of wording, you are suggesting to have effectively 2 tables? One with all the trained / maxed skills and then another one with just missing skills?

Or is it just the sorting issue where you’d like the not injected skills to be at the end and not mixed with trained / maxed?

  1. I was debating this for a while, there are options to do this, but it would be much easier if the person had account on the website. For example. this is how my manage screen looks like: Imgur: The magic of the Internet . I am not sure yet if I will open registration for non-QSNA members, but it looks like it would be easier.
    This would also make deleting easier and would enable to select “main character” and also add sale link. I am just not sure how willing people would be to create account with username and password and would need to create “password reset”, email validation, etc… Right now just for my corp I reset their password manually and that is it, but don’t want to do that for everybody :smiley:

  2. Yea, in progress :slight_smile:

  3. It’s called enlisted in header :smiley: Kinda feels weird having it called birthday :smiley:

Added ship masteries!

Example images are already outdated, but still representative of what you can see / expect at the minimum.

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