Need dev help on character import on evemon ...didn't pay thousands of dollars all these years for this crap esi

So, it’s about time i start polishing my middle finger and have it ready just in case.
It’s just unbelievable what ccp is doing to our game. We basically made them rich now they finger us all.
So , simple question folks.
I don’t want to get a degree in programing just to be able to get my character imported into eft or evemon.
Please post a tutorial for this crap ESI thing api or whatever. Tried to create something on your site, don’t even understand what it is and all i get in evemon is an eror on some site.
Have a nice day.

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This is why we can’t have ECM.


IIRC there hasn’t been support for EvEmon for a while, and CCP isn’t the one who created EvEmon.
Don’t get me wrong though, I like and used EvEmon for years and IF i were able to do programming that would help the EvEmon folks get the program updated, I most assuredly would, but I don’t think CCP is going to rewrite their API to accommodate a single program’s interface.

IMHO the best course of action would be to contact the EvEmon folks and ask them if they are working on, or planning to update the program to use the new interface.


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Probably better to write something from scratch than to update the old Evemon code, though it doesn’t seem like there is the community support for such third party tools like there used to be anymore; at least not ones that open to everyone that is.

Just wait a few months. Soon enough you’ll be able to buy analogs of all recently deceased third party apps in the cash shop.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Really we blame the devs for 3rd party programs not working eh?
We blaming them for eve central too while we are at it?

Hell lets just blame them for all the internets screw-ups while we are at it.


Evemon works for the most part with current esi api. There even is tutorial on how to use it!

Behold folks, living and breathing proof:

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@Kieron_VonDeux and @bcs1 there’s a current build out, you can find all the details (and the wonderful level of active support) here. And good news, it’s only like a month old. EVEMon 4.0.8 - ESI Edition


Don’t blame others for your incompetence
Gitgud and stfu

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If you can’t get ESI to work with EVEmon, talk to the folks of EVEmon. ESI itself is hilariously simple to use. Or just… stop being entitled to stuff you didn’t pay for, as it’s not part of the base services.

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Soon you will be able to buy your PA approved pitchforks in the EVE cash shop, for only $4.99 USD, so you can rant professionally. :wink:

Thanks Sir, last I looked, it was just the old build, I appreciate the info

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