Happy Birthday ESI Exclusivity Mandatory

One year ago The old XML API and crest were discontinued. Today we have some casualties in the process, and some strange situations. As a Professional programer, the changes of versions are a fact of my life, but the change to ESI was mandatory for CCP internal reasons. We can live as is.

My only pet peeve now is the need of enter in the client game characters to refresh the learned levels of skills In my own dashboard (esiknife.com) i can get that info, and enter each time using the game client. Is a PITA but works. Maybe one of the major benefits to me is the no need of EVEMON anymore, all can be controlled via Web. Nice movement.

The scope of the change and ESI true power depends of our mind. I have some ideas for a mining ledger use, but more interested now in play the game itself with my remaining eight accounts.

Game is good, and probably ESI was good for the game, maybe not for us, the third party developers, but well, a year passed.

Happy Birthday ESI Mandatory =)

It’s entirely possible to work out the current state of a character from ESI. It’s just a little more complex than with the XML api.

Agree, refresh token etc etc.

i am using the 20 min expires, not time to do refresh tokens yet.

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