AMA Preparing ESI Checker for Small groups uncapable of SEAT

Hi, i am a programmer and have nearly finished a replacement for EVE API Jackknife . I am trying to remember the diff sections.

  • Transactions (done)

  • List item

  • Assets (done but only show first 1000)

    • Journal (Done)

    • Character Contacts ( beautyfiyning)

    • All in One t1-t4 ships and weapons (the one with squares with )

Working in

  • Notifications ( i receive the last endpoint)
  • Contracts
  • Corp Story
  • Mails, will be the last
    Any other importan thing i am missing ?

The idea i have is the character log using ESI and a 20 min token (not the refresh) and get a Special 40 randomstring. That randomstring is given to a potential recruiter and he can enter in a trustable third parte site (mine) and check the desired pages. The content is saved and not indexed, and 30 days later is erased without anyone involved. The original owner of the char can give later another token for other people without erasing the old one.

If made public i plan to do in php5 compatible for prople who cant afford a cpanel website in php7. Really i think can be more useful as a semi trusted Neutral party. I am more known for the character bazaar, and have too a roster manager based in ESI focused in depuring your toons for sell.

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