Recruitment Screening tool

Since the API & CREST endpoints went down, & I realised very few of the old tools we used to use were going to be updated, I’ve been working on my own. It still needs a bit of work, but the basics are there & seem to be working. The only information that gets stored is the refresh token for someone who is applying, & the Id(s) of the corporation(s) they want to share with.

The URL for this is for any of you who this may be useful to.


Looks Cool. And I like that you only ask for one scope for the Recruiter! This is exactly what I was looking for. The only problem is, It wont display the other characters on that player’s account. I believe, if this information was correct, that that was an intentional change by the Devs at CCP?

If so, then why did they do that?

ESI is entirely character based. There is no way to view the other characters (or game time left) on an account at all via ESI.

So then technically, ESI can no longer provide a means of security check for that account? The other information is helpful, like wallet transaction history, skills… and any tracking, if available?

Yes all that information is available, but only for 1 character at a time. No longer can you check all characters on an account at once.

There is no way to know all three characters, came from the same account either… is there?


Do you know why this was decided?

Probably not the best place to discuss this but, i don’t know the exact reason no. Is what it is.

The scope on for the recruiter is a basic check to make sure they have in-game recruiter roles at the point they sign in. Otherwise the token is just used to make sure that recruiters from one corp can’t see applicants to another, except where they’re in the same alliance & the recruit is set to “AllianceReview”.

Thoughts on Open Sourcing this?

ESIKnife’s opensource if you’re looking for an alternative- ESIKnife now has Shareable URLs

This is open source, I kept meaning to post the Github link but the one time I was in a position to work had blocked Github.
ESI Library

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