Is the ESI website a safe API to use?

more specifically this:!/Character/get_characters_character_id_stats

I haven’t played eve-online for quite some time and I’m not aware of which API programs/websites are actually safe to use now.

thanks for any responces

ESI is EVE’s newest API. The way it works now is that each request, for each end-node, is almost directly connected to the EVE Database.

So you can use, you might notice that what ever requests you make for information it will always return data in the JSON format. You’ll need for your application/website to be able to handle this to make it view/display it as you want it to. The API only provides raw data, it does not provide a way to easily read it or display it in a way that could be easily read.

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Thank you very much for the reply it’s very much appreciated! I wasn’t sure if it would leak any of my account info which was my main concern. So is ESI the official API then? because that is new (to me). Are there still killboard and ship setup API’s around? or have they gone now?

Yes, the website you linked is used as documentation and a way to “test” the small stuff. still works.

as for ship setups; those websites have pretty much been made obsolete when CCP introduced the Simulated Fittings feature; see here

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ok I am clearly behind the times here haha… ok lots to catch up on, thank you again Sakimura, been very helpful!

Any application/site that wants to use some information from your account would have to ask user to provide permissions for every thing they request, for example, when you import character in Pyfa it’ll ask for:

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right okay, thanks! does anyone have any recommendations of good apps/websites to use thats useful?

There is a massive issue with the ESI that if you remove the access key via the eve website, programs can continue to pull data. Not ALL data but many things still continue to be pulled like wallet, transactions, location, isk total, current ship, SP amount and probably a ton of others I didn’t see or notice.

It continues to do that to this day, even after several months. I made a thread on it earlier that got zero replies and made a bug report on it. All that happened is, miraculously, a few weeks after me making that thread there was small update to EVEmon that hid the most obvious signs of this, but it still works “fine”.

Gotta keep the spy networks running I guess.

Usefull programs:

  • Pyfa; program to analyze fittings’ effectiveness
  • EVEmon; program to monitor your characters

Usefull websites:

  • ; check price on items while in remote locations (not needing to be in tradehub)
  • ; Find out what your batch of assets is worth (estimate). Just copy/paste from your assets window or from inventory (list-mode)

are among the ones I use.


well shooot… I just accepted my char for the character stats thingi… I guess everyone knows who i am now lol

o wow thats awesome! thanks a lot Sakirmura! I think I remember using EVEmon long time ago

This could be a great way of Verifying if a miner has a valid New Order mining permit when operating in James 315 territory.

If no API, you die.

Praise James 315.

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