How get an ESI/API number?

I need walk through instructions on how to get an ESI/API number. I have watched the old videos but the eve sites have changed and the videos are not any good any more.

Thank you for your help.

The old API system was removed last year. The ESI is the only option now, and they are done completely different than before. What do you need the ESI for?

Are corp needs ESI for all active members for security checks. So I need walk through instructions for myself and all my corp members too.

You need then software to access the ESI data which include the methods to give permission.

For your purposes, things got more complicated. You might need to host something like this:


Basically, your members will have to authorize each character using the Eve Single Sign On using these or another server/application and only then will you have the token to access their API data.


hey there

why you need it?
what you wanna do?

usually everywhere you need something out of ESI you need to login your Char …


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