How do I find my new ESI API for a new corp

I have been asked to present my ESI number to a new corp, like the old API check was done. I have poured over pages trying to find an answer but they all just say it’s for third party applications. All the old API information seems to have been shelved.

I am not sure what they mean by ‘ESI number’. Typically you’d be referred to an application on the web, and then you’d authenticate using the Eve SSO, at which point they’d have access to whatever details you authorize. Whatever corporation you’re applying to should walk you through the process.

An example of an all purpose website would be:

An article on managing your permissions is available here:

Ways to verify you are not providing your credentials to an unknown party can be found here:

Bottom line, though, is that you’ll probably have to ask your corporation how they want you to provide the information they require.


Are people actually still using this?

I speculate that the most often used tools for this sort of thing are hosted by large corporations on their own servers, and I don’t personally know anyone who does API checks to solicit their opinion on the matter.

The example given is one I’d heard of, which resembles the old style the OP may be familiar with, and could be used by a group lacking technical expertise to set up a website of their own to exploit the ESI API for their internal security. If there are other examples of websites that meet the above criteria I could suggest to people in the future, I’d like to hear of them.

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