Esi/api ..?.... ?!?!


im looking for a corp. i want to be in control of what information is connected to the api-key im giving outi dont want to share isk/mail/bookmarks and whatnot they have coded into their application scripts

how to do that?

i did find that page but i lost it… and… now, im just so very frustrated about the layers of the eveonline homepage.
seems like every suffixx.eveonline is another kind of homepage all together.

You don’t really have a choice in this, like, at all.

If a corporation requires that you give them all that info, they’re gonna want all that info. If you try to hide things, they’re just not going to accept you, simple as that.

The best way to “control” the information you’re giving out is to join a corporation that doesn’t ask for those in the first place, because if you don’t give it to them, they won’t have it.

if they reply “nah mate we need to se your mailbox” i do have the choice… and quite frankly, i would never want to be in that corp anyway. so its a rather easy choice.

Sounds like you’ve got your answer then.

And I’m telling you, you’re not going to get the help you want. There is no way for you to hide your isk/mails/bookmarks/whatever.

When the corporation requests your ESI details and you approve it, they get what they ask for. You cannot selectively hide away things and not reveal them.

Here’s what zkillboard requests of me.

If I hit authorize, Zkillboard gets access to all of that. It is impossible for me to hit authorize and at the same time selectively filter out what information Zkillboard gets.

You have a choice, (1) accept it and give everything they ask, or (2) don’t and walk away. If you don’t want to give away your information, then walk away.

i managed to find a page in here, where i could select the information that i wanted to share and hide…

i just cant find it again.

i know its possible to hide the information… and if my custom api/ESI key is not good enough for the corp i want to join, well then i have applied to the wrong corp.

You may be referring to the old APIs, which aren’t used anymore, since most corporations worth their salt have already switched to ESI.

That being said, again, if the corporation is asking for you to provide that information, if they see that you’re trying to hide it, they’ll reject your application.

But like, real talk for a moment. People who are this paranoid about ESI scopes never have anything remotely valuable to even care about. The reason why these scopes are requested is primarily to see if you’re a spy or an alt character.

A day 1 character applying for a corporation that has 10b isk in its wallet donated from someone in a hostile corporation, or a contract for several dozen cyno ships all scream spy. That’s the kind of ■■■■ they’re looking for.

You’re not that important in the grand scheme of things for people to want to dig that deeply into your information, though it’s cute how worked up you’ve gotten thinking that you are.

Any corporation worth their salt will ask for full ESI scopes. If you’re not ready to give it to them, then you don’t belong in the corporation. Simple as that.

ok so usefull information: its called esi key.
all the rest… dude… i know all this, and fyi… i never said im not willing to give them the entire esi key, if it should come to that.

And also i gave you just a quick response to your obvious trolling.
i did not include all the reasons to why i want to be able to hand out an adjusted ESI-key.

ex. a pro player that wants to help with my skills = only skill api.
ex. a pro corp that im unsure of if i can fly their fleet, but they dont want to give me fit = my sp key.
ex. dealing in bookmark = a key with only bookmarks.
etc etc etc.

I did however give you a reason why i dont feel it to be good for my EVE carrier, if i apply to 5-6 corps…
i garatee you in this eve wopld, corps save all the info they get… as you said…
eve is a world of spies.

i just simply dont see any benefits to ME, giving all all my chars info to multiple corps.

if they brand me as a spy straight up without some kind of other communications.
well… i guess that is good info for me knowing that corp has poor leadership.

if they do talk to me starting to dig down in me…, they talk to me while the ceo is listening in, and they are commited to this, they are invested into me = in the end, good for me.

i just need directions - not life advice.

The directions for the thing you’re looking for don’t exist because you cannot do it. Full stop.

There’s your answer.

You’re free try and sweet talk the recruiter and convince them why you’re such a special snowflake that they should allow you to hide certain scopes from your ESI. But most recruiters will just laugh in your face, reject your application and go look at other applications from others.

Just join a corporation that doesn’t demand that stuff - or stay in an NPC corp like the majority of EVE players. I always found the imposition of rules by these corporations to be ridiculous and a sign of the type of future demands they will make.

it exist. TODAY.
i found the link today.

i put only show to skill and avatar info…
but i cant seem to find it again. becouse this is a bloody maze.

as stated in first post… you think im just drunk rambling about random stuff or what?!!

ALSO… im pretty sure we can customize the ESI key, by adding/removing the “directorys” in your zboard picture… if you where to remove/de-enable ex. “read_structures”… then your esi would not hold your strutcutre info…

BUT… if you cannot do this, that is becouse zboard has opted for this… not becouse “its not possible to disable”.

I’ll wait for you to keep looking for a thing that doesn’t exist. :woman_shrugging:

you already proved that it does exist in your screenshot.

we, both me and you, just dont know how to customize it…

but it exist.

and im not gonna learn programming just to be able to do a “esi customization engine”… especielly since i (once) found it today here on

What the screenshot showed is what Zkill is ASKING for permission to show. You cannot change those. You can either accept or deny access to it. Same with all other programs. You cannot choose which ones you accept and which ones you don’t. Either all or nothing. Those who design and use the programs can choose the scopes that it asks to get access to. You as an end-user can only accept or deny the whole set that the programs asks for.

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that means there is OPTIONS.

That means, if you run the service application, on your site…
you as an admin, can pick what your want to “read” from esi-key.

that means… that it is possible to customize your own esi keys.

And nobody will accept you to a corporation that asks for full ESI -access. Congrats.

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read the entire thread before posting, becouse your making a fool out of yourself…

I’ve read the full thread and you seem to think you are some sort of a special snowflake that can get access to corps that asks for full ESI -access without giving it to them, because what? Those glasses of yours are so good at mesmerizing them to forget that they need it?

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if you think im a special snowflake bla bla bla…
you prove that you have not read the entire thread.

i havent even applied to any corps, i asked for help finding the esi key thing, that i know exist.

It doest not exist. It used to be there with the old API-system, but with the current ESI, the whole thing works differently.

  1. The program/website asks for access to scopes, ie the information that it wants to read
  2. You can either give it access or not, all or nothing. There is no way to select which ones it can read UNLESS you control said program/website yourself.

While you CAN locally host some programs or websites, all the information it asks, it gets directly from CCP’s server. You don’t input any info to it.

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