Recruitment and ESI Keys

A long time ago there weren’t any access keys, so corp recruiters couldn’t demand them. Am I the only person that is bothered by corps asking me to turn over a complete ESI key just to apply to their Corp?

What could they possibly need with access to all my emails, every single market transaction, etc? Is this just lazy, because it is easier to ask for “everything”?

it’s more, its the easiest way to weed out spies. You’d be surprised how many of them actually use the ingame communication routes to talk about that sort of thing. Same with contacts/bookmarks etc. It’s malicious stuff when they ask for it, it’s sercurity stuffs. Hope that helps, enough at least :smiley:

I was part of a wormhole corp a long time ago. After I joined they started getting paranoid about spaiz and decided to ask everybody to give them API keys. I eventually gave it to them because they made so much noise about it. Even with the API key somebody had a spy in the corp (not surprising). They ended up blowing up our POS. It was a pretty lame experience overall. I know that the ESI key requirement is very widespread - I am interested to know if I am a rare weirdo that thinks it is unreasonably intrusive.

sometimes it can be. I don’t ask for full ESI’s. we use a 3rd party that allows limited acces as far as im aware. Can track the basic basically. Like i said, you’ll get some bad spais, most are clever enough to have the main account being completely unattached to the one theyre using as the spai

Yes. Although, some (GSF is one) will also ask for write access which bothers me.

yeah that write access is an iffy shout

What is write access?

What we mean by ‘write access’ is that some ESI scopes can effect change on Eve, such as some endpoints setting your autopilot destination, allowing others to send eve-mails in your name, or adding contacts and setting their standings. Read only access would let people see what they need to see, but not to change anything or initiate an action for you.

You can check the available scopes at Scopes seem to be color coded, at a hasty glance, by their descriptions on the right hand side when expanded. Blue are read only, green allows for adding things, yellow modifications, and red deletion. Get methods are generally read. Post and Put are generally write, but, like the pirate code, it seems to be more a guideline than an actual rule.

Also, I do not have a thorough understanding of how these web methods work, so take it as the leyman’s ‘in a nutshell’ oversimplified version of a complex subject.

I prefer the old API myself but it is what it is, we ask for a check via eve-hr which uses ESI, many do; some do not.

The question really is do you want to join ‘that’ corp or not?
If the answer is yes then your prolly gonna want to give a little to take a little :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, there are no corps that I am desperate to join, willing to give them anything they ask for.

The CODE. alliance does not require an ESI key to join.

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For some people they dont like it.
But this is eve and is a bit of a higher treshold for trust since alot of the game is based around letting other people be able to destroy and steal your stuff.

Would say 3/4 corps would ask for a ESI key.
Its just easiest way to weed out spies as mentioned im this thread before.

Once u have that out of the way u can play and enjoy yourself.

They dont care if u have a 100 titans or a 100 toons its just all about transparency.

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I thought Eve was a game about scammers, high-profile betrayal, and not giving away intel etc etc. The ESI key reminds me of IRL employers that demand all applicants submit to a credit check. Relationships need to be built on boundaries - not just one side demanding everything and the other side handing it over.

Of all of the games, I would think that Eve players would be the most hesitant to handing over their access codes to some unknown person. And to Goonswarm? Those guys made a name for themselves scamming and ripping off people who were trying to join them.

API/ESI keys are complete BS. The big alliances probably data mine for asset tracking and market transactions. I get rejected because I give them 10 keys which 7 accounts haven’t been logged into a decade and they still always ask for my brothers key and I don’t own that account nor is he interested in playing the game.

I preferred the old API system tbh, the new ESI seems a bit over the top for me and intrusive to me. Its my game and I play it how I like at the end of the day.

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