ESI Requirements for joining NulSec Corporations

We see this term being thrown around like candy being handed out the side of a Van.

How does giving out this ESI access stop any intergalactic espionage?

What is there to hide here?

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It doesn’t necessarily stop it but makes it easier to detect. Suspicious wallet movements and asset movements, lacking activity after joining and so on are telltale signs of questionable behavior.

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Well everyone has their own agenda, some try and hide when others don’t mind being open at the point of Application.

Example my reference letter states that I will cause intergalactic tension so this is why I feel that it would not be appropriate to release my ESI

It is not meant to stop, it just raises the barrier of entry.

If a corporation wants to be more than just a social group and have any kind of effective cohesion, people are going to need to share resources of many types. Asking for an ESI is a very simple test if an applicant is willing to give up something, to get something.

Applicants that refuse to hand over an API ( assuming how this works has been explained adequately ) are instant red flags. It is essentially a statement of intent to freeload or admission of guilt.

Practically every Null block has one or more forms of ESI based check and it has practically become mandatory due to the very low effort needed to cycle identities via free alpha accounts.

Any corporation recruitment function that fails to vet with a minimal effort is going to suffer the consequences, even in a ‘social’ corporation where mechanics like ‘friendly fire’ can catch inexperienced players unaware.

What does NOT help one bit is the lack of granularity in the corporation roles/acl controls. Anything involving group manufacturing ( the go to PvE staple of high security corporations it seems ) is at extreme risk of being compromised by theft.

To name a few blatant examples:-

  • Donations involving large amount of ISK
  • Many 0 ISK trades with ‘enemy’ players
  • Characters with large age/skillpoint mismatches
  • Eve-mails to/from people that are scam related
  • Assets that do not fit the character ‘story’
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Well I had been known to donate
isk to support future roleplay

New players do not usually get donations of a 1 billion ISK from “Bad Bob Mc Stab” from “Blatant Big Null Security Block Spy Division” within a few hours of jointing.

See I am sure there are other pilots like Frostpacker who don’t care who wins

Well, whoever ‘wins’ eve its expected to be by military action and not just an irate director waiting for everyone to be looking the other way to steal all the alliances stuff.

I would never steal

Frostpacker is loyal to high standards of maintaining a healthy relationship with the alliance other than Horde

/ ESI release I am not afraid of unveiling

You have to make this decision all on your own. If you want to join a certain group, you have to accept the rules this group has set for themselves. They think it benefits them, it’s not your job to argue about it or convince them otherwise, just look for another group that doesn’t require one.

I personally would never give out my ESI, not because I had something to hide, but because I don’t want anyone to search through my stuff. Where and how I make my money is only my concern and how I organize my little Alt-empire is also only for me to know. That will close some doors, but I am not unhappy about it, they won’t get me, their loss.

I would agree for a large corp who simply don’t care if someone joins or not, as they simply won’t know the difference checking up some very young char that can’t present a reasonable level of expertise. Smaller corps however need active and loyal members like air to breathe and they have MUCH to gain from a seasoned vet with a whole alt-network and the amassed wealth of decades in his back joining them. I can expect a little trust as investment and not be treated like a supplicant, it might pay off tenfold.

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ESI is used a lot to for.
Players skills so they know what ship fits to make for the Corp.
That an account is active fencing online doesn’t equal making money
Moon ore tax (other ore tax in low lvl corps)
Making sure people in Corp have pvp ships so they don’t try and fight using an undoctrine ship.
Proof of active player base to alliance leaders to get more space/ moons/ stations.
Track Corp assests in players inventory’s ( especially bpo’s
Track friendly comms to enemies/ unfriendly comms to alliance members
Track how many people are in the Corp / alliance not just how many accounts.
And other stuff but in reality there’s not much that esi can do since if you want to get around it and hide stuff you easily can it just makes life easy for Corp leaders

How about old evemail where a pilot had told me about their dirty laundry?

How could those be protected from access if ESI is given?

Simply couldn’t that’s the point you don’t hide stuff from your Corp and if you don’t trust a Corp they can’t trust you

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I do see your point though I feel that I had burnt a few bridges with no fault other than my own.

It would be hard to player that hasn’t brined a bridge or two when they got mad over ship kills market trades or any other aspect of this game I have ccp earnings for my in game chat log never bothered my leaders

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It’s not my outgoing evemail that worries me if others could gain access via ESI it’s the evemail that had received that could expose personal information such as one pilots experience with a foot long in a subway.