When someone asks for an ESI check what info are you actually giving away?

For example, If your corp is in JSpace can an ESI check reveal how many BPO’s are being researched or when fuel runs out.

What are the risks?

You can use a service such as esiknife or evemon to see what information is exposed.

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It depends on the privileges they get when they request it and you approve it.

If this is for recruitment, they shouldn’t be asking for corp privileges. That’s just dodgy.

I mean if it’s a personal corp then it’s pretty much an extension of personal assets I would almost expect to need to give out my corp key to join a corp. That said if it’s a player corp then yea that’s a bit much and probably something they shouldn’t ask for.

I found this: https://esi.evetech.net/ui/#/

Best to be aware of what you are showing to recruiters

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this is a valid use of the ESI check system.

why do people flag posts? is it because they fail to stop elite PVP non stop daily ?

You should consider it a compliment.

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In this specific case it’s because he is trolling.

Invalid use considering your precious lil permit thingamajigs are not real and would not appear on the esi.

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