What do you usually check before accepting a new char in your corp?

I’ve been away quite for a while from recruitment and the deprecation of API keys isn’t easing the things so I’m interested in what do you guys check to minimalize chance to invite a scammer/spy into you corp? I’m planning to add some nice char inspection module in my app so I’m interested in every single case.

Corp history and mail could be a default thing. Now I suppose we can’t get the info about another chars on the account so it is not an option. What else?

Everything. Zero privacy. Whether it’s through this ESI or that ESI source/method. EVE wide data mining is a thing. Why do you think so many people were upset over the new caretaker of Evemon getting people to run their own dev app for it :stuck_out_tongue:

If deemed reasonable, everything else is opsec.

Yeah it is absolutely correct, just want to know are there some known check patterns? There is a lot of data in ESI per character and I prefer to fetch only the vital :slight_smile:

If you must recruit, set up a feed/meat corp, dump everything there and get cell leaders to simply get to know people, then over time select for transition to a main corp.


My director is a certified Corp thief go figure^^.

  • first, before anything, long chat and let them tell you stheir entire eve story
  • ask them who they are, what they do, why they play, who they know in game and so on. everyone is different, but every little bit of inconsistency should be checked - also too consistent as well
  • use ESI and other sources to check their story, get an overall image of them, look if it makes sense, ask if something doesn’t add up
  • for instance: plays 1 year all the time, should have some experience in EVE. plays 1 year only 1 hour on weekends, will not know much about the game. relatively new player knows too well about very old game changes… hm. could be well-informed. does he make impression to be generally well-informed or not? if not, it’s inconsistent.
  • Financial history. (wallet/journal)
  • also: asking where do they get their ISK from. if they say real money for PLEX let them show you the bill (lel)
  • Skills. (if Skills are too “clean”, it’s not a main; if Skills don’t fit story etc.)
  • using eve-search or something to check if char has been sold in the past
  • Screenshot from login screen might be an option now, but it could be faked, so need to think about a way to make it work
  • if ESI can do this: overall login time, overall stats on activities such as ratting and mining and flying around
  • Zkillboard, evewho and so on; with who did they fly, in which area did they often appear etc.
  • also eve-search or looking here for Forum posts that might tell you about them. if they wrote heavily against PVP here, but they pretend they always liked it, they’re lying. Liar does not mean they’re spy, but the question is: do you want a liar who could be a spy or just a liar?
  • inventory (ESI): is it scattered enough or very clean? does it make sense considering their story?
  • screenshot of in-game map using filter for “visited systems” (Personal / Visited Systems) or better with ESI
  • personal bookmarks, if ESI can allow this
  • location of jump clones
  • their online times (regarding timezone etc.)
  • their personal contacts (and standigns)

And so on.

I think in general it also helps to think about who could send a spy to your group and what their specific goal could be. It may not help much, but at least it gives more understanding what to look for. Do they have much ressources? Are they known for infiltrating? Are they afraid, do they seek revenge, are you competition or do they want your money or could they want to destroy you? What are reasonable scenarios? What does this tell you about the information they want to collect, the privileges they want to get?

Also think about how they see your group and how you would try to infiltrate your own group. What kind of story would you use, how would you communicate, how would you gain trust and so on. I think emotion is one of the larger dangers. If you like someone immediately or feel sorry for them, you should be more careful with your check and maybe ask a 2nd opinion by a corpmate.

If they get trial, watch their behaviour. Are they in fleet 24/7 but never do anything? Weird. Does their behaviour fit the impression you got considering the new environment for them? Good.

There are many more ways, but in the end I think it is just part of checking if the person fits to your group. The ESI data should be checked, because many people would make some mistake. Good spys will probably not, at least not with this data.

You can never be 100% sure if someone is a spy or not. The thing is, if you mistrust everyone, this can also destroy your group.

I think the best protection is using game mechanics correctly, have levels of trust, making sure that no low-effort spy joins and that new members are included in a lot of activity. After all, a professional spy might want to sit in fleet and get intel, but might not want to participate too much because they’re dual-boxing on their main. And if they’re really good/comitted, this way at least you’ll have them fun playing with them, before they f*ck you over.

Also, creating an atmosphere were loyalty is strong helps I think. If we look at the examples of the PL Clone Bay or The Judge, it seems that due to personal conflicts loyalty got lost and this could turn non-spy into spy. Enforce people showing basic level of respect towards each other.

  1. We aren’t big enough to be worth spying on
  2. We are all smart enough not to fall for scams out of alliance, let alone in
  3. We like PvP, so if an awoxer wants to join, then that’s just a fight we don’t need to go hunting for

As a result, we don’t have tickets on ourselves and will pretty much let anyone in.

If someone joins that is a dickhead, they’ll be booted for that before anything else.


Nice description, thank you!

I normally check if they are a girl and whether they do any Cam work on the side. If they do they are in, otherwise its all the normal stuff.

Having a girl in your corp is a luxury in EVE, lol

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The teeth and the lineage

Just kidding. We just check if they can fit 8 guns on a Catalyst


Wasn’t there are story not too long ago about someting like this? I don’t know wether it was connected to cam, but certainly some activity like this between a recruit and director or CEO of a corp. It ended with the recruit to rob the corp :slight_smile:

I bet even then he was still happy xD

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Teeth and surname.

Gotta have both.

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Depends on the girl. I’ve met nutjobs as well as clever ones. You do not want the first kind. Just saying…

Contracts and direct trades. Often overlooked but a good way to find ALTs. There used to be a way AFTER accepting somebody to your corp to view their entire contract history but I don’t know if this is still a thing. Just bare in mind a skilled infiltrator won’t get caught out by any of these things

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I’ve used my wife to reclaim stolen goods +a healthy interest from a guy b4. Can confirm a girls voice makes some guys go crazy

Lol, that’s something for “my EVE story”.


Contracts indeed.
I regulary move assets between my main an market alt… and have gotten other “payments” that would look very shady to a attentive recruiter. :sunglasses:
If you look for alts, contracts and wallet transactions are definetly a way to find them.

Also interesting might be the locations of assets.
If someone claims to have never been to nullsec but have a carrier in delve, there is something fishy.

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