The trolls won - delete me please

Greetings respected forum members o7

This is my first post here legit.

Can someone with an official capacity please tell us if this website tool is legit? I am confident it is, just would please like to hear it from an official source.

Here is the link. It uses this ESI API to manipulate waypoints.

Thank you for your consideration. Non CCP people need not reply to this please.

Hopefully it is posted in the right place.

create a ticked in eve support

Non CCP people need not reply to this please.

This is a forum. If you want a question answered officially, you file a support ticket.

The ESI is designed to facilitate information in/out of game. CCP made the “sign in with eve” button for a reason.

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Mods can please delete the offtopic trolls attempting to derail the subject. There used to be a report button for these.

I am asking in a specific way, similar to that of EVE-O Preview and many other software. In that specific example FoxFour said there it was legit. Unlike tickets which can not be printscreened, this thread can.

Let us say 1000 people want to use the website. Should they all make individual tickets? No that’s absurd. That’s why we have the forums. Please stop derailing the thread with unwanted and unneeded input.

Neither one of the other posts were “off topic”. Only person that can answer is support. Make a support case and stop being a prick.

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CCP will not confirm is a site that they do not control is legitimate or not.

It may be legit now, and become otherwise. Having them approve or not opens them up to significant risk.

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It is not asked in the future, or any such hypothetical scenario.

Literally asking is it legitimate as is now.

Oh well I see where this is going. It was a good attempt o7

lol, you think so?

a) “general discussion” means general discussion
2) forums literally mean a place where everyone’s voice can be heard
#) literally every statement made here except the ones made by you were correct.
Δ) refer back to the first responses. If you want a private line of communication with the devs, that’s what support tickets are for.
echo) CCP are extremely unlikely to ever endorse a 3rd party website ever again, especially after what keeps happening every other time they’ve done it.
5?) therefore your original question was broken. It should be something along the lines of "is this website apparently safe?"
thumb) you lack the amount of charm it would take to get someone to do homework on that site on your behalf, and I assure you it wouldn’t have taken much. Steve is one of the most knowledgeable people in the world when it comes to this kind of stuff, he’s always super duper helpful, and even he decided to let you fend for yourself.


What is the purpose of your dumb trolling? What are you trying to do here? If you have some beef, I am in Amamake waiting for your firetail to blow up my firetail.

Back in the previous (and 2nd previous) forum your reply would have been already removed as offtopic.

Good riddance to these troll infested boards. It was a mistake ever coming here.

Funny, you get the correct answers (“write a ticket if you want an official statement” and “they won’t comment on web sites or programms as a whole, only on specific features”) and complain…

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You don’t seem to understand what words mean. I tried to define some of them for you a little bit, but apparently I should have defined trolling as well. You seem to think it means “people aren’t kissing my ass, full tongue.” (Ok, that was just a little bit trollish hyperbole, but my point stands.) People telling you you are wrong is not automatic trolling if you are actually wrong.

As I alluded to in my previous post, if you’d just not suck so hard maybe you’d have gotten a useful answer. I’d advise you to keep that in mind next time. You are probably right in giving up on this thread. Your reputation in this context is pretty much unsalvageable.

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I will close the this thread before someone gets hurt. But you got some sound advice: