ESI is not for the Noob

Hello, fellow capsuleers.

So I am a big industry guy I spent ages with my google sheets making useful industry-specific sheets and documents referencing the API key. I understand this is not going to stay so I have been trying to get my head around the new swagger interface.

I cannot get anything to work and from the looks of it this has now been taken out of the hands of the general player base and placed into the hands of the specifically skilled players. Do I now need to learn a computer language to get any data back into my google sheets or is there a sort pro forma resource page that I am missing where one could simply copy paste and stitch together some of the endpoints and basic layout needed to get Google scripts to work with the Tokens I have managed to create.

I am so lost with all of this but this is such a fundamental part of the way I play eve. I was hoping for some advice, help, and guidance from some more skilled pilots and enthusiasts.

Thanks in advanced


@Steve_Ronuken has which should help and make the use within Google Docs easier

Yes this has some of the functions I was after Thanks

ok so where do I get chracter ID’s and Corp IDs from? is one option.

Thanks, I believe I have all the right data in there now but I get nothing populating in the sheets, I hate this it’s not as user-friendly as the older version. Do I manually run the script or is it supposed to happen upon document opening? Either one has resulted in no action in my book. Is this even possible for the regular user to manage or was it designed to have devs only using ESI. I have followed all of your guides within your code and the blog but nothing is happening … I am sorry to continue to ask for your help and assistance especially as I am sure you are just like look at this noob who has no clue but I would really appreciate any help I can get on the matter.



For the more recent scripts, I tend to have them with a menu option to update.

Means you can dip into a sheet without seeing issues. For the wallet stuff, certainly.

Did you go through the process of setting the sheet up, or did you just put the script into it?

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