New to ESI and Legacy UI Tutorial Request

Id just like to ask if anyone feels like making a how to for dummies tutorial, id send you a nice donation for your time and efforts.

I have been reading the past couple weeks and am just overwhelmed with information which I really do not relate to well enough. I am struggling to understand how the ESI Legacy is actually used… or how/what information I am supposed to translate to spreadsheets…

I did make myself an asset list in an auth’d google sheet as shown in the more popular guide written by blacksmoke… and that was a very well written guide by the way. I tried to load that same page that used to work, and today it provides errors. So while Im learning the basics and all, and getting a scope of what I need to learn, can someone make a nice guide? I know Im not the only one who could use one, and there arent any one youtube.

If you could, discuss the ins and outs but in a basic tone. cheers!

if all you want is price data into a spread sheet you can use the EveMarketer API
i posted an example sheet for Excel on reddit some time back.

If you must use ESI there is a plugin for Google Sheets but I believe you will need a CCP Developer Registration to get this working.

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What error do you get now?

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Thanks. I have to learn how to do all of this… there is no way out of it. I do want a market sheet but I want to understand how it works too, so I can make one myself. I will learn to use the evemarketer api too. thanks. I read your post on reddit and gave you a donation, and Ill read the guide from the reddit when I get out of work. From first glance, im still confused as to what to do here? say I want marketstat. I got a type id of an item from blacksmokes sheet I made, 11132, a shuttle. I select, “try it out” and enter the type id, and then execute… I see I get a result, and information in this result. but tbh, idk what this is, what to do with it,

I was playing on the legacy UI and got my player id, the corp id… So Im learning its an interface, its translates the information for you when you enter the id, it then gives you back more information regarding that player. I see tehre is open or public info and authd info, so the requester has to be authd to get detailed info about said character… or corp… like if I wanted corp assets or corp location of citadels or assets… etc.

surprisingly, this morning I wake and load my page and it works fine. must have been something with hte connection because everything looks the same, I hadnt messed with anything from last time it worked, I see no errors. it was slow to load but I get that because of my connection atm it may take a moment to respond. I am getting an error when I try the next step… which tehre is no guide for…

Oh right, someone posted a free template from teh forums… and I made a customized page from that… which is still working, its just a price list of said items by name… so you enter the item name and it then loads the price from jita or amarr. I will make a copy and post a link and start to work on it again this weekend. cheers for the help, I will post the error of what I was trying to do later,

But to add. when I go to the legacy UI page, that in itself is the interface. which I work thru to get said information. So far I understand that there, I can find the information I am looking for. I get that some info is public and the rest is private requiring an auth’d endpoint. without googling endpoint, I assume it is referring to me, when I request said info. it could be you, if you were to request said info as well… yes?

So there I got my id and corp id. but for now thats as far as I got.

I think you are confusing the UI and ESI. The UI found HERE just provides a web interface to try out/test ESI endpoints. For example you can go to click Try it out and type in 11132 type_id and see what gets returned from that endpoint.

In apps/programs you would just send an HTTP GET request to the full endpoint of then use the response to do what you need.

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Hi there!
My old google spreadsheet for manufacturing stopped working because the old script i am using is discontinued.
Sadly my skills are not enough to write a new one.
I see what you two did here and i need your wisdom. how do I get data out of the esi endpoints into google spreadsheet cells ? I need the Adjusted Price of the items nothing else.

1 Like using the market_prices() function.

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THX Ill try it out.

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Well, no… I dont think so. the UI let me access the ESI databse. If Im correct, the UI and ESI are two different thing, the UI lets me access the ESI database… correct?

ESI isn’t a database. The web UI found at is just a way to easily interact with ESI to test/try out the various endpoints. Under the hood the UI is just making HTTP requests to get the data from ESI. Much like you could do going to in a browser, thru Postman, or using cURL. Which would give you the same result as going to the UI version at, click Try it out and typing in 11132 in the type_id field.

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Okay. Well in a nuttshell then, what is ESI…? I get that it replaced the old API system, so technically it would still be such? it just doesnt use the older tech they used in previous API versions?

Interesting that you can get the same result by using different methods. thanks for sharing that! Its kinda over my head but Im working on picking it up. So this all is a huge help.

Briefly, what is Postman, and cURL? Ill google these but it helps to have an experienced explanation.

Lastly, the Endpoint. We are not talking about Endpoint Devices but rather the data request itself is considered the endpoint?


ESI is the same as what the old XML API was. An API, to get data about the game. So yes, they are the same thing in that regard, but ESI uses a diff method of authorization. The XML API used an api Key and vCode. While esi uses a token system using OAuth2.

The old API also worked in that you could get the same result using diff methods, as both ESI and the XML API boil down to making HTTP requests.

Postman is just an HTTP client used to make HTTP requests.
cURL is a command line based utility for data transfer, including HTTP requests.

Endpoint meaning what route of ESI you are requesting. You can see each route in the UI by clicking on a category. For example

Each of those would be a different endpoint under the universe category. Each row tells you what type of HTTP request it is, the route itself, and what it does.

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Awesome explanation and summary! All makes sense to me now… at least considering the whole idea around API and Eve and how that works…

I copied your guide on how to get the assets scope for a character using the new ESI in Google Sheets, and it worked with one issue of the order of columns and the numbers in the command had to be corrected, then it worked like a charm and to my surprise it still works as of this morning.

All of this helps me understand more of how its used… I may not be able to write an app as of yet but we all start somewhere I suppose. I know what HTTP is, and HTTPS, etc… but hmm never appeared to me why are the endpoints not using HTTPS? Being secure… but then the OAuth2 system may take care of that security?

Thanks for helping me understand more about the ESI system and the UI.

I forget again how to find my char id and corp id but I did it twice already… silly me… I still havent much experience with the UI … and how that all works. like When I open one of the endpoints up, there i a bunch of code in the bottom if you scroll, and realizing really what all this is for actually. like intentions for using the ui, for each endpoint that is… and what players can do with that… say if you can write apps, what does my information tell someone? Cheers, love learning this stuff. I should go to college for computer stuff, its really what I lack to have that foundation, if I did, ■■■■… lol with my imagination?

ESI does use HTTPS. the setup for the URL is like https://HOST/VERSION/ROUTE Where Host is, version, such as latest, or v1 depending on the route, and the route itself which you can see in my past image.

Easiest way i found is lookup yourself in zKill and your charID is in the url.

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Right, I could have just looked at hte url in the address bar. facepalm Daaa. Thats okay! thanks man!!! I learned tons of otehr stuff though by asking, which is WHY I ask stupid questions. especially directed to those that have that insight and experience. Thanks for the reminder on the zkill thing, I think thats where I got it from last time. Dotlans or eve who used to post it as well, iirc?

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