Is that legit post on how to hack eve to save your stupid super which you decided to get stuck in UALX OR is it propoganda

Postonhowtohack eve in order to get there titans and ■■■■ out of the hellcamp . If its legit what are ccp doing about it . If its not then someone has a master class in troll posting

On a personal note i have no stake in the drama other than watching the fireworks lol

Isn’t the “sphere exploit” an ancient hoax or a reference to the old PL “sphere” capital formation or somethin’?

No, it works. I have a drag bubble anchored 220K off the Palatine in Zion. Need DPS…bring nano Drakes. X up in local for fleet invite and warp-in.

Ok then. obligatory GRRR PL CCPLZ BAN HAX!


  1. compile sphere and wait.
    Compilation is usualy done by devs because there is NO NEED to make hundred clients do it by themselves, also compiling is the moment the first bugs appear so… asking people to compile a program is asking for sepuku with a wooden spoon.

  2. c7 dropdown
    wh go up to C6. Maybe Thera though.

  3. run serverjackaimbot.
    You can very simply look at the time of day.

  4. "sudo rm -rf "
    It is a linux command for computers using sudo. It is talked about with “injection” so that means to be injected in CCP server. However the -checks -nohack are not recognized by the “rm” program so this command is just a joke on how to make yourself a script kiddy.

  5. “you will arrive in the palpatine in zion”.
    There is no zion system

It’s a joke about accusations of hacking levelled against players who appear to do ‘impossible’ things to newer players that just don’t understand what’s going on. For example, some people think that WCS (warp core stabilisers) make them invulnerable to tackle, but they just haven’t met a HIC yet. It’s also a general reference to accusations of hacking being levelled against ALL sov nul holders because of the actions of a few bad apples. Never mind that PL and many others have never once courted controversy for botting or hacking. It’s a convenient accusation to make when you’re on the wrong side of their guns.

in one word : this is goons’ “propaganda”

That’s four words.

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“propaganda” is made of four syllables.

That’s some solid “shitpost” to say it with r/Eve-terminology.

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Is this somehow related to MonkeySphere?

You do have a stake now !

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I read somewhere that you can DDoS the server using one of the types of fireworks to cause TIDI. Any truth to this type of attack?

Why? You want to DDOS the server and blame Code?

That will just DDOS your potato-GPU. I don’t think you understand what a DDOS is.

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Dumb Dryson pOSt?

Its a reference to a player that was using a method to delay his own local so he could kill people. He was discovered and was given a time out in the naughty room for a bit then allowed to come back without a loss to his ill gotten gains. He was in PL and his name was themonkeysphere. (Or very close to that)

No idea why they ban people who get caught botting while letting other people cheat.

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