Game Is Whacked So Just Gonna Yak

I readily concede that all of us have different areas, levels, game play styles and many of us are pretty well happy with where we’re at. Those that aren’t can and do strive to change their positions and I’m cool with that. I can see that just by looking over some of the posts where people use abbreviations and short names for ships, modules, places, game play styles and the like that I’ve never even heard of before.
So what’s my point?
Well, you could go back and read the header.
Uh, just kidding.
The one thing that first attracted me to EVE was the nearly limitless sandbox aspects where I could do whatever and yes, I lost ships but then I could buy more. I flew just enough CCP missions to learn that wasn’t for me and the whole structured event missions were just a waste of my time. Yes, I flew missions but they were my missions. Missions, after all, are just goals to be accomplished and I can design my own missions that fit my goals just as good as CCP.
Having said that I do actively participate in the skill queue events as my characters tend to sport massive skill queue tails.
I guess my point is that CCP could toss all structured events and allow us players to just do what we do best which is basically raise hell, blow stuff up and have a good time doing it.
And a good editor could basically red pencil all but the last paragraph but then, if CCP could devise a workable defense against DOS attacks I’d be in game maybe grinding away in an asteroid belt whilst practicing my guitar.

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Sorry, I’m not sure what is stopping you from doing this right now?

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Russians are invading london with fake news

Well, at the moment it’s this whole DDoS Kerfockal but then, and I had to think about how to answer this in a snarky sort of way without being forced to concede hey, he might be right. Yes, I can blow stuff up, even though there is the occasional combat site that will not allow me to blow up the brothels and stuff after killing all the rats. Thinking the source of my thoughts may just be that CCP is expending dev time and resources thinking up evermore idiotic ways to attract new players with buggy events/missions when they could be figuring out a bullet proof defense tailored just for Eve against these pesky DDoS attacks. Or fire half the dev code writers that could possibly result in a lowering of subscription costs for us poor players. Point is I would be happy with just the sandbox mechanics, ships, mods, all that. I don’t need anyone to tell me how to play, I got that.

You seem to have a fundamental misunderstanding or lack of understanding about what a ddos attack is. If you think you can create a defense against it, I assure you there are billions of dollars from companies who would love to learn your solution to an unsolvable problem.


And you do? All it would take is a flash of inspiration, maybe some guy watching his drunk girlfriend puke in her plate (I saw this happen many years ago), maybe a quantum thing, maybe even a by product of AI, never know. DDoS is an evil unintended consequence of tech advance and at some point in the future it will be defeated. Write this down and ten years from now look back and somewhere along the line DDoS will be naught but a footnote, not even worthy of a whole paragraph. But I won’t be there to laugh as I’m at the age where ten years is not a viable concept. And I’m outy, got better things to do than argue in a forum.

“I turned on my tap and no water came out cos someone broke the pipe somewhere I don’t know. In the future, maybe 10 years from now, plumbing will have advanced to the point where pipes fix themselves instantly and my water will not stop”



What are you even saying?

This whole post is just embarrassing and has literally no point.


Ah did you lose an election? :rofl:

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LESS PVP is the answer not more…

You know how long ddos attacks exist? It was there before you were born :stuck_out_tongue:

So how are other companies able to protect themselves? If there was no protection against it half the online services would be down.

Kill player with -1 sec status: 10k SP
Kill player with -2 sec status: 20k SP

And don’t tell me it is exploitable when we can kill Angel belt rats for SP, arrive, launch drones, pee, recover drones, apply points.

Kill player with -10 sec status for 100K sp?
Great, I will ahve all my alts and main shoot at my ganking alts… cuz why not get some free sp. Also I bet we could organize some CODE. frig vs frig (VERY cheap stuff) brawls just to speed skill to max dps…

Be careful what you wish for you may just get it.

I was born in 1944; lotsa DDoS attacks back then?

Apparently more than your tiny brain can process.

Then why did you read it? If the the game was playable I surely would not be here amongst the heathens trading goofy barbs with the wannabe trolls.

DDoS!!! :scream: :scream: :scream: