CCP Can this be right part 2

Dear CCP (this will be sent to custom support)

This post was closed as it turned out to be 2 dudes discussion off topic matters so i try again.

First i like to say English is not my native language so there will be spelling errors and other mistakes in this…

I have played this game since 2006 (Science and Trade Institute 2006.06.08 17:57 to 2006.12.30 13:25 (204 Days) i have never plexed my accounts and yes like most players i have more than one account.
I have payed my month sub every month… Payed so you (CCP) can make an better gaming experience for all of us.

Like most players i have been on and off EVE, you need that break :slight_smile:
Have tried almost any thing you can do in this game, high sec, low sec, null sec, wh, and incursion. and i have found all of it, fun and different gaming experiences.

2 weeks ago we had burn Jita, i didnt lose any ship, but i did follow the event on Twitch and on zkillboard. I could not stop felling sorry for a lot of those who lost ships in this event, some was very new to the game and other was just not aware of the event, you can see some killmails are pepol who have spent a lot of times collecting stuff over maybe months and then it just get blown up… The replay you get would be something like this… "eve is an sandbox game and it is part of the game stop cry and dont undock what you can effort to lose :slight_smile:)

For me this is not the truth. Yes its and sandbox game (importent word here is game) in games you make the laws and rules CCP could in 1 min remove the code from the game so this could not happend… Games means a lot of things for diff pepol some find it fun and some dont find it fun. This is somthing i think you need to be aware of at CCP… High sec should be an place where pvp is not allowed or if you break it ther should be some kind of punishment. All other games MMO has zones wher pvp is not allowed why not eve ???

Next i was flying in my pimped ishtar around 2.2 bill in high sec and was having an great time doing anoms and getting escalations. Then code got me… I was very sad and spent a good time thinking hmm “is this how it should be” Here people will use the same "eve is an sandbox game and it is part of the game stop cry and dont undock what you can effort to lose :slight_smile:) for me it has nothing to do about isk, i have more than enough for living an good life in eve. its more about the gaming exp. Is this how i will spent my gameing exp, or will i find other games. will i keep paying my month sub. (just so you know CCP the most used phrase in marketed economy is “costumer is always right”) if not they leave…

Next i got the idea i would love to have my own space station. Just to try (for me new part of the game), setting it up, fitting it etc. Was fun but 2 weeks later i got wardeced by The Marmite Collective Declares War… again it is totally fine i was planing to take it down any way. But the wardeck now means i cant fly around and do the other stuff i like in this game missions, mining, anims, etc as i dont want to pvp. i have done lots of pvp when i was in null sec and i loved it. This was in null sec wher i think pvp should be part of the game… Again CCP could if they whant to fix this in 2 mins as the gaming code can be changed.

Dear CCP i love your game and i have been an happy costummor for an long time but as you can see the game is taking some turns i really dont like. I have to tell you that i am very close to cancel my sub and say goodbey. I hope this mail (costumsuport) can tell the story of one of your players who would like to see some changes to high sec and pvp. Maybe take some focus from null sec and put some effort in makeing hs fun for all player base…

I dont whine i dont care if i lose ships in eve i have lost many and its totaly fine. My Ishtar lose is just to make an example…
I will be more correct and make this simple question “DO WE WANT THIS KIND OF GAME PLAY AND CAN CCP FIX IT” I dont like how it works right now, and i was hopping by this post we could discus the game play topic, and not how stupid i am for flying an Ishtar in HS.


Please do not recreate closed threads, if you feel the need to discuss the core issue please outline the problem as you see it, not with a “I lost my blingy ship and now I’m gonna unsubscribe if you don’t change this or that”, and perhaps what you think can be done to improve the situation.