CCP Needs More Credit Than They Get

Every time I come on here people are just complaining all the time (mostly highsec whine-bears complaining that their risk averse carebear grinding is being nerfed in one way or another).

  1. CCP has brought marauders down to an even level with the rest of the ships where mauraders are no longer the end all be all of subcap warfare.
  2. Consciously or not, CCP got rid of the TTT and possibly IChooseYou, which in the long run will massively heal highsec.
  3. The game looks much better (for frigs, marauders, and structures).
  4. Corps are now much more meaningful and have new features.

Where CCP could improve IMO:

  1. A constant event would very much make the game more interesting, maybe every month should have its own event.
  2. A null sec storm system except the storm also causes a local blackout. (Or maybe even a 30-60 second local delay).
  3. New trig/drifter invasion??? Bring something new and risky to highsec, even just for a few days.
  1. CCP nerfed the ships that meant the most to highsec. (and took away Sotiyos which also meant the most)
  2. CCP intended and assisted the takeover of TTT since Citadels came online. Players revolted and refused to accept it. Thank you Goons.
  3. The game does look and sound wayyy better than ever before but is heartless and individual players mean nothing.
  4. Corps are allowed to exploit using holding corps… which have more features like rented skins.
    You call it whining… I call it stating the facts.
    They deserve more open criticism and less echo chambers. And dont forget that just because we fight in game doesnt mean we arent long distance friends who play an amazing game together.
    You arent making a valid counter argument, you are attacking the messenger. That is what you do when you know the message is correct and dont want to deal with it.

CCP still has one succesful game which, albeit not thriving, isn’t dead yet at 20 years old and nearly a decade past its prime.

On the other hand, CCP still has developed just one succesful game in 26 years as a company and they couldn’t make a new one for the salvation of their children (but keep finding new ways to fail).

I still think CCP could have tried to give highseccers what they wanted rather than find new and imaginative ways to get rid of them and their wretched ways to play wrong, but, whatever :woman_shrugging:t2:.

For the past 10 years there hasn’t been any reason to start playing EVE Online, and that’s the way it is and will remain for the future until shutdown day comes.

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The day any other game has the Persistence EvE has is the day when it has any kind of competition to me.


^^This^^ Highsec is its own End-Game. Stop trying to make us into a tax utopia and recruitment ground for nullsec.

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EVE online is a game that should seek players that love to create, rather then players that thrive on griefing, destroying and being a headache to others.

These players do have place in game and they should exist, but this game is bowing down to them and that made this game closed-off society where no new players can get their piece of the pie.

People love to create, people love to explore, people love to relax.

You cant do that when you have bunch of people searching for easy way of making their zkill red and interfering with your things, while all you want to do is some gaming after long work day.

Funny how real PVP games have such a huge following and give people pleasure- but you cant have that in this game for one simple reason-> game is SP locked.
It is not up to a player’s skill, but rather about char’s skill point number in game.

So no- CCP needs a reality check, not a “good work” award.


It was damaged long ago. The devs then didn’t realize that High Sec has laws that are meant to be bent and broken. Instead of treating the players who play the law as legitimate members of the High Sec community, they have and still do treat them unjustifiably as aberrations.

The point is that to create great stories, you need a villain. To not get so bored you quit the game in high sec, you need people to stir up local and bend the law of high sec. It’s just like anywhere else in space, you need personalities and player drama: low, null, WH, Poch.

CCP basically said (and is still saying) „screw those players“ and everyone left is bored out of their mind. No villains, no stories, nothing to create for. CCP could un-stuck High Sec endgame but won’t because their own developers don’t understand this MMO and are only allowed to play other MMOs who cater to the „my way in perfect safety“ crowd.


100% Thanks for saying it so well. Its easy to be a carebear. Anyone can do that. Its not easy to play the villain. This role can only be filled by the best and smartest players. And if you truly care about EvE Online, it is your moral obligation to do whats right for all us.

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wouldn´t say no to events in highsec that feel like an event and not “oh look , the same event just with the same rewards again” , a second trig invasion is something i wait for YEARS now (okey , they now haunt various systems when a wormhole is there and then there is turnur)
what eve really need is a living , breathing universe where even npc factions fight openly with each other (yes , even in highsec) , add more bad guys , maybe a drone infestation breakout not confined in sites but more like the trig invasion that cost us 27 systems back then , maybe even metaliminal storms in highsec to give the players living there some new stuff to see and do
the options are endless

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I do like their efforts to give CEO more tools to build collaboration. Corp projects is a great addition.

I still think CCP is trying in good faith honestly. Carefully balancing CORPRATE and **PUBLIC (aka the player’s) ** interests.

CCP is not perfect but meh. :laughing: I enjoy my game atm.

Why is it always ‘High Sec’?
Most of what you posted should be happening in Null Sec, especially since there’s no Concord or Faction police there. Also Null Sec space is where the most valuable resources are located…

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It’s the default; the go-to. It’s like when someone wants to say fast food they always say McDonald’s. I do too and I haven’t even eaten there in ten years :laughing:

Anyway, GO CCP!!

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objectively; tritanium is the most valuable resource.

That is my singular criticism of near term game development. It makes no sense in terms of in game universe lore and current known science . It is a horrible deviation from the the original game design documentation for the sake of convenience in order to correct a game development mistake that could and should have been corrected much much sooner.

Aside from that, yes, CCP deserves more praise.

I look forward to DeeZee tying himself in knots in order to explain the inexplicable (if and when balance is restored tot he force) and Trit is suddenly detectable in Null again.

“objectively; tritanium is the most valuable resource.” Snowflake Tem

Tritanium is simply a cheap trash commodity now. The new measure of economic standards is Isogen, The days of highsec and Trit are OVER. Isogen is the only one that matters. I run 2 businesses based on PI and Minerals. Tritanium just sits there and piles up and the percentage of an items value to trit is almost irrelevant.
For example with loose numbers. If a Hyperion costs 380m in mats, 215m of that is Isogen and 28m is Tritanium.

Oh i forgot to say something positive… hard for me to do since a highseccer who plays the game wrong…
The game is beautiful and one of the best ever made. It could be way more popular than it is.

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the last few expansion have been positive. the rework on faction warfare was a massive boost to low sec. +1

Can not agree with you.

CCP up’d their sub prices. Maybe I’m in the Dark here, but I don’t see that anywhere else doing this.

CCP makes it harder and harder for the solo player (The Cyno changes to caps Long time ago the biggest hit)

CCP doing more and more to “fix” the isk in the game just Created Inflation, and Inflation is Never good.

Overall, I’m honestly surprised that Eve is still going. A testament to it’s player community.

explaining the ideas behind what he doesnt like isnt going to all of a sudden make him like it.
And yeah… lots of the choices made are not only bad but at best one-sided and obviously so.
Your replies to the dude is one of the primary reasons people dont return to forums.

Or the Solomon’s way!

Divide HighSec by a geographic middle, separated by the most horrific lowlife infested trench one could imagine…


Then we would all, be nice and happy.

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Not my problem he won’t respond to my fair and valid points/commentary. Things are so much fun when there is a healthy debate around it. Give it a few more weeks and we will see another 15-year-old vet come back and complain here about how EVE has changed and not reply to 99% of posts after 2 hrs.

I see a post I can expand on/refute and reply. Simple as that. Topics I don’t have much to comment on I stay away from.

UNLESS you got any specific points you want to quote and call out I’d be happy to talk about :slight_smile: