The Positive Thread

Hellooo Forumers
I thought a positive thread would be welcome amidst the chaos of change and technical difficulties that the good people working on this game seem to have.
No criticism whatsoever, no rebuke or misplaced, hurtful retorts. Just cringeworthy praises for one or two facets of the game that you really like, that gives you the most satisfaction up to the point you have to log off.
And anyone who has read my posts knows that I am the Queen of Cringe😃
Thousands are playing EVE and millions have tried it at one time. There are tons of positives with EVE, even if some of them are buried under dev blunders or the challenges of today’s technology.
I challenge you today to send a message of support and encouragement to the people who work hard everyday to maintain EVE, it’s economy, mechanics and meta healthy and strong.
Whether you are a 20-year veteran or a 20-day noob, everyone who has spent more than 100h in the game has good things to say about EVE, even if it’s buried in a long-winded unpunctuated rage filled rant that only the OP knows the reasons for.
The rant itself is proof of the emotional connection that exists between the player and the game. Sadly, a square peg will never fit in a round hole.

'Nough gibberish.
Keep working hard, guys’n’gals! EVE looks fantastic! As soon as I undock I feel I’m really in space(water) and knowing that my clone is in danger is an exhilarating feeling that few games can induce in the player.
Don’t let the bugs get the better of you!
Thank you for making EVE a game I refuse to not play🫡

Fifie loves Cringe


I am getting ready for church now.

I will let you know if I ever feel a hint of guilt.


Don’t forget to stop by the equestrian facilities afterward.

So you are visiting Amarr? :slight_smile:


@Fifie_Brindacier What you said.


Overall, I give it 7/10. Plus 1 point to account for things I don’t know & don’t understand and a charitable +1 because the game looks very nice and all the worthwile efforts.
This is the only online game I play when I can. I have tried others and uninstall in two days. I am very picky, my mom would say spoiled but what does she know anyways, so this a high score for EVE.
The reason it isn’t a 10 is because it freezes and often the UI doesn’t respond to clicks.
Play on!!


I could say many positive things about EVE, but the thing I like most is that it is a rock-paper-scissors game and another wonderful thing is that the skill training thingy that many games can’t even come close to it.


Feeling small ?

And… a (written) message from Aura herself:

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Thanks for the laugh!
EVE in a nutshell using two unrelated videos, bravo.

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