CCP MasterPlan in 2010, Ladies and Gentlemen. Outlaws of EVE



Now, just as Mynxee has converted from a ruthless queen to a neutral-good pacifist, seems CCP is too.

One thing never changes though, whether 2010, 2011 or any other year, a theme of community backlash against CCP will always be here,


It all started here:

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It is dead, from the massively article.

Now the important question: why isn’t Solstice Project on that list? Would have fitted in well.

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That article’s from 2010, Scipio.
My prime was in 2012.

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It started when CCP changed its credo from “lets make a really cool pewpew game” to “lets get 300k subs”, then WhiteWolf was bought to then work on WoD. So really it started around 2007.

Then the years of neglect using EVE as the goose with the golden egg to fund WoD with cash and dev time, and then choosing to sacrifice EVE to become a WoD alpha test bed (Walking in Stations). As they were burning through cash at a hilarious rate they had CCP Zinfandel create the NES and $1000 jeans followed by the hilarious “no fear” memo.

And then FINALLY after years of neglect and a lack of updates/innovations the masses woke up and caught on and the summer of rage happened.

CCP stopped caring for a harsh PVP centric EVE a very, very long time ago. We had years of miner buffs, carebear buffs and non-effort play style buffs since pretty much 2007


I don’t get your stance, there is low, null, wh space to blow the pants off each other, there is PVP galore if anybody wants it, you post of a carebear buff but what stops anybody from pvping, nothing.

So what’s the issue???

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Where is that in the rulebook?

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The number of players that care has been ever dwindling for the past few years, being replaced with the entitled, screaming, instant-gratification crowd.

Give it another 3-5 years and there will be no one left that would speak out against CCPs dumbing down and themeparkerizing of EVE. It’ll all be a bunch of drones incapable of critical thinking that’ll scream for more guidance, more themepark, more safety, more free stuff (for alphas) and more micro transactions.


Pvp drives the market, drives engagement and drives the game.

Hi-sec being too safe has resulted in a boring un-engaging game. Player interaction is down. Player retention is down. Player activity is down.


I have serious doubts he’s actually going to think about this, trying to understand what this is about. He might not have experienced the past time, not understanding that it matters for understanding this thread.

It’s not just that which you point out in your post, it’s actually far more than that. Back then people were actually achieving fame for actually doing interesting/potentially world changing things.

That’s completely gone. All we have now is youtubers hoarding literal simple minds (consumers, basically) behind them, and FCs doing the same just in a different way.


This is a direct result of all those “newbie friendly” groups who gobble up all the new players, molding them into good little soldiers: content consumers, drowned in a sea of mediocrity.

It leaves very few newbies with initiative to find their own play styles and niches who might perhaps turn in to content creators.


First the mechanics change, then the people change.

These groups have always existed, just like the toxic carebears always existed, who claimed “lowsec is a death trap” and suggested people to aim for missions.

Their impact got significantly worse when CCP stealthily nerfed “freedom of choice” by implementing psychological deterrents, not just because of these mechanics, but also because of the huge loss of old players who actually were content creators who quit because of these mechanics.

They were the guys who raised new people organically, adapting the slow influx of new players into EVE’s culture. More often than not, as far as I know, can-flippers.

It’s not just the self declared newbie friendly groups.
There’s tons of factors that fed into several processes causing the status quo.

When CCP decided to take “raising our children” into their own hands, combined with the loss of those who actually “raised them” before, combined with the increased impact of self declared “newbie friendly groups” due to horrendous mechanic changes (with a remarkable marketing strategy pushing them, I have to admit) … I don’t even want to finish this sentence.

I feel like I’ve been going through this one too many times and it’s just making me angry.


There is absolutely NOTHING stopping anybody from shooting anything they want high sec or not, nothing you say makes sense, sure the war dec system has changed but now the only one’s eligible are those who can fight back.

Seems to me to be less about “fun content” and more of “missing easy marks” I use to hate CODE but then over time did not, not because they are not wieners but because they did their deeds regardless of any imaginary boundaries, what’s that saying you consent to PvP by undocking.

I can’t stop anyone from shooting at me, I have no magic shields that keep me safe, I’m like anyone else when I undock, vulnerable.

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What does that have to do with the post you replied to?

They are definitely not wieners.

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That can’t be true.

New players are starting their own corps and doing their own thing now more than ever. AWOXing was stopped. Wardecs are nerfed. What ‘gobbling up’ are you talking about?

It is infact because of the lack of direction and conflict provided by vets to noobs that new players crash and burn sooner.


Seems you’re right.

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Hiding in high sec corps doing nothing does NOT make a content creator nor is it a niche.

Also means they are not gobbled up by null sec corps. Make up your mind.