You know what CCP, you have taken the right direction.. Suggestions

Times have changed, you have adapted well and just in time. If you said 10 years ago that the game was free to play and that you could buy skill points there would have been a rebellion. Fast forward 10 years, times have changed, young people have shorter attention spans due to being brought up on games like COD etc. Gone are the days where we joked about go and play “WOW”.

No new player in todays age will wait a month for skill to train, so well done on foreseeing that and making a bit of cash at the same time. Also, great new player experience with the UI, your product owner and UI design team deserves a raise.

Now onto the suggestions… I’ll bullet point these.

  • Make mining more difficult, if you can obtain ships easy it takes the challenge and the adrenaline when you lose a ship away from the game.
  • Introduce a new capital that trumps the titan and requires and OBSCENE amount of resources and it can’t be used in sov space but can be used in null.
  • Make eve pluggable, allow 3rd party developers to create widgets that can be used in game using your API, this was somewhat possible with the in-grame browser.

NickyYo Out.

This is low quality trolling, it’s actually an insult.


I think Im going to be sick, xmas edition

You must be new here…

This is NickyYo, Like @Don_Purple with the best Purple Hugs, @NickyYo gives the best StarHugs…

As somebody that started with my first Kane toon in StarHugs… I should know.

Yes I know, doesn’t mean it’s not a troll.

Can someone provide a TLDR for me? I only made it halfway through the first paragraph.

I finished reading on… " You know what CCP, you have taken the right direction…"

  • CCP is an unfit guardian for Eve
  • Game is going in the wrong direction.
  • Make ships disposable, and make mining cater more to the bot aspirant.
  • Make capitals affordable
  • Get rid of 3rd party apps.

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