Sad state of affairs these forums, pretty bad that ISDs lock genuine posts as "troll"

Yes, I’m referring to this post here You know what CCP, you have taken the right direction.. Suggestions

As mentioned, sad state of affairs. CCP, get rid of these ISD clowns, clearly they are not working, they never have. What a circus this community has become.


Interesting story chap, I do say, very informative and all of that.

Now, serious question.

Could I have your stuff as it were?


And this thread will get locked too. We’re not allowed to discuss ISD stuff in the forum. If you have a complaint, address an email to Rattati, he usually gets back to you within 24 hours… NOT.

It is possible to discuss some ISD stuff:

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They know you, @NickyYo , working as intended.

I’d welcome you back to the forums…but…well…

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