So let me get this straight

… ISD can just close threads they don’t personally like without any valid reason?

I understand ISD will close this thread as fast as possible ( “discussing moderation, you see…” which is a f-ed-up excuse in and of itself but whatever, this is “democracy” after all, right? ) but why did the “Suggestion for new class of ship” get closed??
And that’s just one of many threads that ISD closed without any explanation or apparent reason, just because they don’t like the thread.

So, let me get this straight:
In the game, you cannot play and have fun, even though it’s a game and game are made to have fun.
In the forum, you cannot express yourself or discuss a topic unless ISD are happy with the thread, like some pitiful bootlickers.

How messed up is that… A forum is supposedly provided to players “to discuss” things but ISD is doing everything in its power to suppress discusssion because they are jerks with chips on their shoulder.
And that’s all the matter with them: Pride.
Just like the only matter with CCP is Greed.
No wonder why EVE is in such a mess. With incompetence like that it’s no wonder daily player average is only at a paltry 20k on best days.

ISD, you gonna close this thread, ofc.
Well close it and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

See y’all never.

They have to ask me for permission.


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