Why are ISD's always locking / deleting threads?

I do make some actual on topic and serious eve forum posts…

and these ISD always locks it for “trolling”. seems super vague and that the trolling category keeps growing and growing, of basically anything they deem as trolling in their own mind is lockable.

Kinda feels like its getting out of hand and that we can’t even express ourselves about Eve on here.

I can kind of see why Eve Online and it’s community are dying. Really turns me off to the game.


The ironic part is most of the time it’s the ISD with his 10 alt accounts trolling you with alt responses before locking your thread. This has been going on for years.



Discussion of moderation


They lock the threads, by the way, because all that most new posters to the forum do is whine…


Anyone have a contact for Jerkasaurus Wrecks?
I think they just lock anything they don’t like seeing.
I could be wrong.

Sorry, that’s my fault since a lot of thds get closed with my comment last. :wink:

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CCP wants to kill the forums so they can ignore the community.

They already do! :rofl:

For how many years now?


Save a Horse…
Ride a Panda.
Boy…the ISD’s must be on the way to TwitchCon or getting old…why hasn’t this been locked yet?

Make less terrible/troll posts, it’s really that simple.


2.Specifically restricted content.
EVE Online holds ESRB Teen and PEGI 12 ratings. All content posted to the EVE Online forums must be teen rated.

In addition to this, the EVE Online forums are not for discussion of real life current affairs, news, politics or religion. Discussion should revolve around EVE Online and its community.

For these reasons, specific content is prohibited on the EVE Online forums. These are:

Real Money Trading (RMT)
Discussion of Warnings & Bans
Discussion of Moderation
Private communications with CCP
In-Game Bugs & Exploits
Real World Religion
Real World Politics
Content that distorts the forum layout