A question to ISD Dorrim Barstorlode

Just curious why it’s policy to close a thread that had a perfectly valid discussion going on. Meanwhile it’s not policy to block the accounts from posting in the thread that are blatantly trying to derail the thread on the basis that they don’t like the content in order to try and get it closed by an ISD, like yourself.

If you don’t understand someone’s motivation, assess the outcome and infer the motivation from that.

The EVE-O forums used to be extraordinarily active. Then moderation got very strict, and now they are not very active. The motivation I infer from this is that CCP does not want to have an official forum, and wants everyone to go to reddit. This is further evinced by the fact that the devs are more active on reddit than they are on the official forums.


But that’s because of people like you, not the mods. Nobody wants to post with people like you around derailing every thread you don’t like.

Disagreement is not derailing. It sounds like you want a place where you can post without anyone disagreeing with you. In that case I would start a blog, and either disable comments or delete comments that disagree with you.

I am happy to talk to people who disagree with me. You and others were derailing the thread deliberately, at least have the guts to admit it, don’t be like the other worms who play the victim.

Can you link to which comments I specifically made that were “derailing”?


Too bad.


So you’re unable to specify which comments I made in particular that were “derailing”?


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Not wasting my time, the thread wasn’t made for you.

Because your thread degenerated into nonsense mostly done by you and now you’re doing it again.


“complain about post deraling”
“keep deraling the post he made”



Oh I see. I figured as much.

Oh wow, that thread kept going quite a bit, quite quickly!
Gonna read the rest of it.

In none of her post she ever approached the topic rationally.

Her request was based on fear and ignorance of other people(the new players)
… which she made her own. (thus the thread)

Even directly asking her does yield nothing but evasion …
… because she self-reflection requires rational thought.

This thread just underlines this even further.

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I’m doing it now because I don’t care. I hope I get banned, it’s a trash forum full of trash people. That’s why it’s dying, not because of me, because of you.

The emotional response is, again, proving my point.

Can you just calm down and listen for once …
… instead of constantly being in a defensive position?

We’re not attacking you!

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I’ll agree to that but it doesn’t help if you add to it.

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I can’t make a dent. Don’t worry about that.

So people are trash because they disagreed with you, didn’t like your idea, or had different opinions?

We both know that’s not what was happening.