See you all in New Eden

I guess the truth isn’t welcome in these forum and where there’s no truth, lies abound.
Not going to be part of this charade on behalf of a company that runs a con job on unsuspecting players so I’m out of this so-called forum.
The game is worth playing, just not worth spending money on so NO I’m not quitting it and NO you can’t have my stuff you vultures!
So bye and see you all in New Eden, where chat isn’t censored when the truth is said… so far.


Can I have your stuff?


Don’t throw your pearls to swine and shake the sand off your sandals and leave. This forum isn’t for you and I doubt there exists a forum for gents like you, not anymore.

Yes, so far.
Scarry thought.

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Vulture! :rofl:

Not a bad idea, I’m right behind you so hold the door to the way out. Forum is a waste of my time, time better spent playing the game.

Bye, vultures :joy:


Same goes for you.
As funny as your rants are, no one wants you here, not even me 'cause I don’t want to see your account deactivated for pissing off a CSM or Dev, not when you owe me isk anyway. Pay up then you can trash your account all you want, friend.

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See you in the game!!:kissing_heart:


I want to fly the triglavian ships.
I can’t because I’m alpha.

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Mvp of this thread. Trig ships are to damn hard.

I don’t know what happened to make you feel this way, but I do know that everytime I have seen someone complaining about censorship, it was always because they broke forum rules, and not because they were making criticisms or dropping truth bombs.

Of course, that doesn’t stop people from complaining about censorship.

Such is life.

No P2W

Oh well that’s life cel ah vee o/


Ah, but:

  1. There is no record of what was erased, and there should be, on all forums, by actual law.
  2. Forum rules are broken by pretty much everyone, yet only certain posts remain.
  3. Once someone has been abused enough, their violations will become more and more extreme. Therefore, you will see mostly the extreme posts, and not where it started.

Its real.

The hard part is judging if it was the result of maliciousness, ignorance, stupidity or laziness.

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I’m sensing entitled butt-hurt emanating from the OP.

Maybe @ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode can move it to OOPE so it can rot with all the other whiny quit threads.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Come on dude. You are better than that.

Better than what?

Better than calling out oversensitive snowflakes begging for validation on an internet spaceship forum?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

I’m not going to tell you that I always follow my own advice, because I don’t. I do sometimes get heated, and can be a dick to people -especially bitter vets. But I try to be tactful and understanding. And I try not to let what other people say get to me. For one, it’s really not worth getting upset about it. Two, people getting fired up and being a dick to me is the exact same thing that I sometimes do to other people, and three, I have on more than one occasion ended up becoming friends with someone after we put aside our differences (both in real life, and on the forums). For example, my first interaction with Solecist_Project involved him popping into one of my threads to insinuate that I was too stupid to play Eve. And now, we’re friends.

It’s not worth it, being angry and fighting with people -even if they are being dicks to you. In fact, sometimes people will intentionally say things to try to get a rise out of you. So, why give them the satisfaction? And for that matter, why worry about what other people are, or aren’t, getting away with? I’m going to focus on cleaning up my side of the street. And, if other people are dicks to me and/or violate forum rules, I’m not going to worry about. It’s not my job. Let the ISD’s deal with.
No P2W

And I really am going to try to do better. Guess we’ll see how that goes.


Whoa, when did Epeen become so red-pilled and counter-woke? If he starts showing any more 'tude than that, I might have to start calling him daddy again. :heart_eyes:

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Yes, @Gerard_Amatin is such a troll.


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Thanks for skipping right over the other 4 names. Shows your colors.

I see you’re not in the mood for lighthearted jokes.

I guess I’m showing my colors indeed, cause I’m feeling blue.