See you all in New Eden

So anyway this :radioactive: :ox: :poop: right here is why I not longer subscribe and give them money for omega. The forum is part of the service and the service is :poop:

So stop being the fly and cut ties with it instead of continuing to bath in it.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

You made a terrible thread for the sole purpose of using as a trolling sledgehammer in the future by referring to it during arguments, after you and your pals were done grab-assing each other by copy-pasting the same list of “trustable forum citizens” a bunch of times with your own name taken out (for credibility of course, except for the one person who’s in the habit of nominating themselves).

It was the most legitimate and deserved thread closure I’ve ever seen on these forums. Stop acting like a victim, and make an actually good thread next time that doesn’t seek to disenfranchise people you dislike and/or disagree with via underhanded means. For example, you could’ve made a thread about the psychology of trustworthiness in order to collect and teach to people various behavior and language cues that could act as tells for when someone’s trying to mislead them. I don’t think that’s ever been done before, or at least in recent history.

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I saw that thread and knew it was a bad idea. It was inevitable that two (or more) sides would form with different ideas of who the trolls are and who the ‘good guys’ are. E.g. One of the people you said was ‘trusted’ is a frequent offender of mud slinging and, i believe, has been banned for such.

It was never going to work as a thread. It was ad hominem in nature and only going to lead to more conflict with both sides pretending to be holier than thou whilst sniping remarks at one another.

Really the only people qualified to say who should be listened to and who needs to be silenced are the ISD’s and CCP. And that’s it. And if you find yourself getting silenced or banned it’s a sign for you to change tactics or take an (involuntary) break.

Beyond that, let peoples posts speak for themselves. New forum users don’t need us (especially us) telling them who they should or shouldn’t listen to.


Sir, you can’t let a few fools and jerks ruin your gaming. If you like to play EVE play it and don’t let this forum get to you, it isn’t important at all and the jerks in here are even less important.

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Please, show in he dool where ISD Golem touched you.

Also, pointing out that you stay as alpha is just lame. Don’t start that kind of whine if you are not ready to give us a proper rage quit.

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Arriving at conclusions takes time and evidence.

This latest round has taught me this forum is unsalvageable, by design and institution.

This is part of my enjoyment of the game, therefore, it is important. As I learn things, and find what I view as issues, I like to read what other people think, and post what I think, and exchange ideas. But getting flamed just for speaking, with ISD approval and perhaps even support and their own ALTs ruins that.

Anyway, how do you rectify the closure of a personally trusted member list thread with the existence of an old generally favorite members thread? To me, it simply doesn’t wash.

So if I say you are a great guy and I trust you, you think I just said everyone else is :poop: ?

Glad we got Minority Report on the case. FFS That’s all over the place on this forum. My thread was easy to control. The rules of it were dead clear. No list or anything beyond a list? Delete the post as off topic. Simple.

By my estimation they are the LAST people to trust.

So you think if I give you a list of people I trust, I am ordering you to trust them as well?

I don’t understand you. Life must be hard for you as people give you their opinions, and you feel you have been ordered to conform.

You should stop with your mind reading attempts. Most people suck at it, but you especially.

Also, renewing your BS and unfounded accusations of malicious intent by me is really irresponsible after we have just started to have some calm exchanges.

I would say that you don’t know the first thing about me, but the truth is you just want more flame war. Stew in the fact you aren’t getting it from me.

You made a terrible thread for the sole purpose of using as a trolling sledgehammer

Okay. I am not sure what you mean. The thread would sledgehammer trolls yes. Was that wrong?

Look guys, I will tell you what happened:

The griefers could not post a credible list that would mesh with their forum activity. That was the other prong of the point, though I didn’t say it. Most of you here could not feel it, but the griefers did, and I mean all of them, top to bottom. They knew there was no way in hell they could post a credible list. That thread was pure Kryponite to evil Superman. And yet it was fair and even-handed.

No, you made a list of your mates and said everyone else should trust them based on your self appointed authority to judge who is ‘trustworthy’.

It’s a thinly veiled attempt to manipulate peoples perception of debates based on who they are rather than the substance of their posting.

You say that, but you clearly had no control. And one of the people who can control threads swiftly ended it. And it was most assuredly deserved.

Exactly. You’re ability to judge what is trustworthy or not trustworthy is highly questionable. Even more reason to not start a thread where you tell others whos trustworthy or not.

A great example of why you have no business making the thread you did.

You are the troll.

And there’s the ad hominem i was referring to earlier.


I invited EVERYONE to make a list. Come on, you just CAN`T be this dim. It was a group effort, not me dictating anything, nor even the group.

I still don’t get this underlying idea that YOU cannot choose for yourself. Can’t you???

It was simply a shortcut to something people are going to do anyway.

The only way I can comprehend your insistance that I could have such malicious intent is that YOU have malicious intent.

Thank you for that. Now I know you are a troll. Only a troll would have an issue with me and everyone giving a short list of who they trust. I mean, gee, people tell us who they trust on the forum all the time anyway. A short list is only threatening to a troll.

And your claim of ad hominem? Callng griefers evil Superman? What???

You seem to be taking my attacks on griefers personally. I think I know why.

It doesn’t wash with me either but, man, we’re guests here in this forum. Let it go.
Not playing as Omega because of what happens on the forum isn’t rational, and I say that with all due respect.

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I cannot pay money to suffer this intentionally malicious “service”, and the time it takes to ensure I have the ISK to buy PLEX is too great. So what has to give is my playstyle. Or I just quit playing…and that might happen.

I seperate the Game from the Forum, to me they are two different things and the Game is much more enjoyable than the forum :blush:
Don’t forget also, you don’t have to suffer those fools. The forum has a Mute feature :smiley:
I have Mr.Epeen muted for ever and I’m going to mute these fools as well. It will make for a much more enjoyable experience here.
If you still enjoy the Game, why not just play it and forget about this place? Lots of players have already done so.

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I still don’t think you are understanding what it is I enjoy about the game and how the forum “was” integral to that. But if I just put it all into a different playstyle? Its just…there is feeding trolls with words on one hand…and feeding them with money on the other. I would probably sooner cut off my own hand carrying the money.

I understand what you’re saying.
But I pay my Omega time to enjoy the game, not the forum, the forum is free so fack 'em.

The labor behind it is free, and it shows.

But its part of the service we pay for in one way or another. Its not free.

I understand. Look, would you stop watching TV because you don’t like commercials or do you mute the commercials like most everybody does?