ISD Appreciation - On Behalf of the Community, Thank You!

There is an ongoing incident in which an individual user is posting, at the time of writing, 24-and-counting threads harassing an individual ISD member and for some reason has still not gotten banned. Almost the entirety of the General Discussion category is currently spammed with locked/soon-to-be-locked threads of this individual user abusing ISD. This user is hardly anonymous at this point, but as a matter of principle I will not name them or screenshot the forums (in case GMs clean up the forums after the fact - so as to preserve his arguably undeserved privacy).

It’s important to remember that ISD are volunteers who work hard to provide a semblance of order and decency to the forums. The EVE Forums would be a rather degenerate place to be without ISD helping to maintain order. Some users (such as myself) feel CCP could certainly enlist more ISD volunteers than there are now so they can be more thorough and more responsive in pruning the forums, and that CCP should enable them to be a wee bit more aggressive with regards to punitive measures (eg. utilize bans instead of only locks, and do so with fewer warnings) when forum users are habitual offenders, eg. when 70% of your posts are “no ■■■■ off”, when you post 24 consecutive abuse threads, or using newlines instead of periods like that young man @tutucox_Khamsi (that’s an inside joke :wink: ). Regardless of how you feel about CCP’s position on ISD recruitment and their enforcement capabilities, we should all be appreciative for the hard work they put in; they are volunteers who could be spending their time playing the game or doing other things, but instead they choose to help keep the forums tidy instead.

I’d like to in particular give a shout out to the man of the hour, @ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode, who has been targeted by this child and who has been working hard closing these 24 threads over the past 2 hours, each time going through and identifying relevant copy pasta of forum policies to apply to lock the thread when, if he could have it his way, he’d have whipped out the ban hammer on strike three.

If you guys would like to honor him with a soundtrack, apparently a separate forum post for this has been formed here:

By the way @ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode - how do you go about becoming ISD? The first step in increasing ISD numbers are to have some of us apply to begin with :stuck_out_tongue:

(Yes, the number of posts continues to rise… I’ve had to update the count numerous times while writing this… I wonder if the user is stupid enough to out himself by commenting on this thread by saying “no ISD suck” - let’s find out :wink: )

UPDATE: Given recent incidents (and likely the consideration of community feedback in this thread), CCP has decided to further empower ISD.

ISDs will have the power to temporarily silence users who repeatedly ignore their warnings.


Amen to the forum ISDs. who suffer our presence and squabbling.


Unfortunately the ISD team can’t ban people, they refer repeat offenders to the community team for further action.


Ty mods…your patience is commendable…


I hope they don’t ban the guy.

…Would be much more funny if they simply made his threads invisible to everyone but himself (like in old-school SA).


I think they need to give ISD the power to ban.

Which, I believe, is the reason for why he hasn’t been yet.


I’m glad you asked! If you go to this link, it’ll show you all the very easy steps to joining the ranks of ISD.

Also, thanks for the words of encouragement. I appreciate it! :slight_smile:


This is unfortunately true; however, I hope CCP reconsiders this position… perhaps, for example, ISD could provisionally ban a user (eg. 24-hours), or they could do so if another ISD flags the same user for a ban, etc. Another idea: an auto-lockout: too many consecutive locked threads within a time frame = temporary ban (eg. 6 hours), doesn’t even have to be issued by ISD it’s just system enforced. Basically CCP should consider giving ISD more power.

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I mean, why have forum mods that can only lock and remove stuff?

The LSG incident has already proven once that ISD’s need more power in order to keep the forums somewhat less trashy than they are. So easy to abuse.


The ISD response is respectable, following the Rules and not taking it personally and acting professionally. Great to see.


Ah you have cancelled out all of your shitposts with this one good one :stuck_out_tongue:


@CCP_Dopamine I hope you guys review this incident thoroughly and highly consider giving ISD more power. As started in my original post:

  • Increase recruitment efforts
  • Give them ban powers, even if it’s provisional/very short-term/non-unilateral (ie. other ISDs need to flag it for it to take effect, or the system has to enforce it based on criteria such as too many locked threads within a window of time)
  • Allow ISDs to act more aggressively on habitual offenders or blatantly out-of-line conduct than they do now
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Well, I thought my ■■■■ posting was obvious trolling/parody.

Doesn’t matter. I still believe that these forums are mostly thrash. Two opposing sides bickering at each other to no end, with no posts contributing anything of value, mine included.


Somebody once compared us to puppies, you may kick us but we will come back wagging our tails happy to see everybody.


I’d post more but I’ve got my hands full. :grinning:


Why are you talking about kicking puppies?

What’s wrong with you?

@ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode please ban @ISD_Thalack_Dalhar that is sooooo not PEGI 12




I have puppies at home, my housemate’s Newfoundland dropped a litter of 9 a couple of days ago.

They’re like little tiny bears, and my cat is very confused.


They grow up to become actual bears though… fluffy cuddle huggable bears.


I feel like I could stream this and everyone would have a good chuckle.