A soundtrack for ISD Dorrim Barstorlode

I need a soundtrack for this.

Take your pick.


You got any of that Daft Punk goodness?

Also moved from GD to OOPE.

There is a couple of Daft Punk covers in his repertoire.

Also props for your good taste.

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This cover of Feel Good Inc. is pretty great, not gonna lie.

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Yeah, Leo is one of the better cover artists out there, also he’s funny as hell.

You should check out his Africa by Toto cover too.

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That’s next after this 8-bit sampling of R.A.M. haha!

You right, this cover of Africa is pretty dope.

Also, this is going on the soundtrack. Feels fitting.


What’s so special about ISD Dorrim? What about CCP convict? Doesnt he get a sound track of his own?

You could start a thread for him. This was more for stuff that happened last night. :slight_smile:

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