I can't believe I hadn't thought of this before

Tonight after work I’m going to shut off the in game music and blast the Alien soundtrack while I’m running around in WH’s, that music is very tense. Have any of y’all done this already, and was it as badass as I think it’ll be?

Most of us have already done Step 1.

I like the in game music, I just thought this would be more fun in a lawless area where I’m (hopefully) alone.

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It irks the hell out of me that I can’t seem to find the original soundtrack for eve from the early 2000s on spotify.

Check this out:


Years ago I use to do the same thing, this album by Joe Satriani fit’s Eve to a T.

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I remember when that album released. I can’t remember if our music teacher introduced my brother to him. Pretty sure he took my brother to meet Vai and Malmsteen.