Btw. why is all the music gone in eve?

Came back recently, seems like there is only some creepy drone music both in stations and in space.
Maybe it’s time to bring back the jukebox?

I now have to disable/enable audio to change the music Clipboard01 wth?

Maybe check this out:

The jukebox is gone and frankly I don’t want to even nudge that giant can of worm by talking about it…


Perfect, thanks!

It is one of the things that you shut off when you know you’re going to be in a big fight. Saves the CPU a bit.

  1. Turn off audio
  2. Turn off chat logging
  3. Graphics to potato mode
  4. CRTL-ALT-SHIFT M to see outstanding system calls to the server node so you don’t spam the same button to fire.
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omg few weeks ago i listened to the quake 1 soundtrack
its a masterpiece , industrial sound made by nine inch nails etc
yesterday i looked into this topic and listened to the complete EVE soundtrack
its soooo good
i was astonished , didn’t remember or expected that good

When you leave windows on they will keep playing their own music
I’d assume you left either “Project Discovery” or “Ship Tree” windows minimizes and they keep haunt over you
Lemme know if this fixed your problem

Eve needs music that promotes joy and happiness and currently there seems to be less of that with the current distance between Amarr and Jita now taking 4x’s as long.

Yes, it was that. I had one of these open all the time, thanks!
I’m also pretty sure, there is a bug and even after closing discovery that droning ambient stays until i disable/enable audio.

Still, EvE needs a jukebox again.

EVE has sound? Wtf. Who would have thunked it.

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yes THAT! Without a jukebox, most of these tracks are only available on youtube. There are so many fantastic pieces we don’t get to listen to in game. :confused:
Yes, sometimes EvE has sound.

You can enable the old eve soundtrack under audio options, but you can’t choose the order of the songs.

I do miss being able to queue up “Below the Asteroids” whenever I wanted.

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