TIL: Jukebox was thing, bring it back

I know this is nothing new for most of you.
I assume there have been many topics like this in the past, but this is mine:

TIL: Eve had a jukebox to select songs, skip, pause, and so on.
Why was this feature EVER removed?
If you argue “we make music regional to improve immersion and whatnot” why not make it optional:
enable Jukebox vs [ ] enable regional ambience music playlists

Whoever chose to intentionally remove a feature to make the game worse?
(edit:) e.g.: While I cant see myself mining much in the near future…I can definatly see other people just doing some relaxed mining, chatting with friends in space and jamming out to some of the really GREAT tracks eve has. All those “Eve has sound?!” Jokes shouldn’t be a thing!

Thanks for coming to my ted talk, fly safe o7


EVE had music? :scream: Bring it back!

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EVE had music… We all miss the Jukebox.

And bring back the old Aura voice, sounded like music to my ears too.

That would be a ridiculous argument. EvE is one of the least immersive games I have ever played. I seriously doubt that the people who created the game had immersion in mind.

Probably the same guy who brought you Scarcity :joy:

I can see that too, except I have my MPC playing my music in the background so I pass on EvE music jukebox.

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you can use an online version of the jukebox. Google it :slight_smile:

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I’ll second this. Or third it. One of the other features of the jukebox was that you could import your own .mp3 playlist. While not as big of a thing anymore as everyone streams stuff, it would certainly be nice to be able to provide a podcast or other playlist URL and be able to control it without alt+tab’ing. There are some industry standards for this so I wouldn’t think it would be a huge lift.

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