Eve Music player return?

Sometime back eve used to have a basic feature where you could select what in game music you heard while doing things out in space. It was active for as long as I can remember but after returning from a long break, it is no longer in game. Is it possible its just hidden or is it just gone?

If its just gone I would love to see its return. listening to the drones and eerie and dark music in place for low and null sec is rather dull. i much like the music that comes to life when your in a high sec system.

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it’s been removed. Has been for years.


In the settings menu, under the sound tab, there is a tick box to play location based music.

If you unselect that, you will get music tracks that play through, rather than switching to the relevant location music.

In addition, CCP have a soundcloud where you can choose the sound tracks you want to hear, but then you need to turn down the in game music and play what you like externally:


Cool thank you


They should put it back, at the time they were duplicating complex technologies, but years later playing MP3s is a function call.


The best music player in EVE was Erotica 1s " bonus room.

I would love for an ISD to whistle Dixie without notice to win her stuff back.

You want retention then bring 3rd party emergent game-play like that back.

Praise James 315

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