What happened to the music in game?

I played this game a few years ago and remember a lot better music in game, from eery ambient space music, to a bit of techno and even some metal. I haven’t heard anything that I remember, only the generic lobby type music which is already driving me crazy. Is there anything I can do to fix this issue? Is it an error?

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Music changes depending on where you are in space. Travel to null, wh, low or high sec space for different types of ambient music.

Also there’s a setting to turn on the old EVE soundtrack regardless of space.


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So what, they removed the music completely? I’ve tried classic Eve and it doesn’t sound much different.

Nah, they just have two playlists: 1 Dynamic: only plays the tune for that system/event 2: “Classic” which just streams in sequence what could only be described as a $1.99 gas station CD of “The Best of EvE” which doesnt even seem to include Beneath the Asteroids, I Saw Your Ship or Smoke Down Below.

I miss the eerie space themes. Remember the one that sounded like it had the deep alien voices talking? I can swear I remember hearing XX Intro which is short but great for space travelling.

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Afaik they can all still be found on Soundcloud.

But yeah, I used to have the Jukebox set up with the stuff I really liked from EvE, X2/3 etc

Is it possible to get it to play in game when it’s supposed do during travels, like it did?

Not in the same way as Jukebox did sadly, you can just have the site streaming it as you play though.

Is there new ownership of this game? I’ve missed a lot of news apparently.

Music still plays dynamically during travels. Eery music in null and WHs. Maybe just not the old soundtracks you remember though, but you can find those on soundcloud.

Ehhh thats a slightly trickier question.

Yes is the short answer.

However, I tend to stay away from that topic.

Im sure someone will be along shortly to regale you.

Here you go:


Oh also noticed the speed at which tracks are played now is a lot slower than it used to be, so its awesome the JB in that link is the proper versions

You can also listen to it all here: https://soundcloud.com/ccpgames/sets/eve-online-in-game-tracks


Oh my holyfksdas the nostalgia is TOOOOOOOO much

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