Can I change the default music?

Hello everyone, good evening!

Do you know if can the default music themes be changed, or more themes added to them?

I know you can just mute the client’s music and play whatever music from outside, but I like the dynamic choice of tracks depending on the situation, so I could place my own music for each type.



Not really, there used to be a jukebox feature but it was removed much to the dismay of literally everyone.

Really you’re gonna have to turn off the EvE music and play your own.

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The jukebox never belonged in Eve. Fite me.

Hello and welcome to Eve,

There’s actually a couple of options available in the Audio Tab of Esc menu. To access the Esc menu, activate the game Launcher and after the character selection screen is loaded, select Esc key, then select the Audio Tab.

These are two of the five options available:

  1. Override dynamic music with classic Eve music.

  2. Use combat music.

You can experiment with them to find which setting option you like.

May you have a long rewarding career here in Eve.


you can change the music.

you need to open esc, and slide the music audio only bar all the way down to 0, and then bring it back up to your preferred level, and the song will change. do this as many times as you like to find the song you are looking for. seems the system runs on a random play list or something. surprised not many know this?


I laughed and thought you were trolling at first.

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everyone thinks im trolling whenever I post. surprise!!!

Thanks everyone, i’ll be trying those things tonight, cheers!


That is some WTF coding from CCP there. Fantastic.


Many people I know play with the music off, which would explain why many do not know. R.I.P. jukebox. :frowning:

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Yea I know, I miss the old juke box thingy too. Idk how I discovered this… I usually play with stuff, and Im sure thats how I found out.

Yes, because of coms and semi afk :slight_smile: When you can hear the faint “blop” when another ship jumps into grid, you feel a bit more comfortable.

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